Find out what Xponential 2023 was like in Denver

Last May 9th, 10th and 11th in Denver, Colorado, took place the Xponential 2023, one of the most important events worldwide in the unmanned systems, UAV and robotics sector. Embention, located at booth number 2516, presented its advanced flight control systems, Veronte Autopilot 1x and 4x, developed in compliance with aviation standards DO178-C-ED12C, DO254-ED80, DO160-G-ED14.

The company also presented its Veronte Motor Controller MC110 and MC24, designed specifically for use in vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicles, offering the ability to configure a multitude of parameters, such as limits, failure modes, operation and acceleration curves, among others. In addition, the Veronte Mex and Veronte SDL were presented.

Find out what Xponential 2023 was like in Denver

Embention releases the new Veronte Autopilot DRx at Xponential 2023

Veronte MEX is a three-axis magnetometer developed by Embention that plays a key role in detecting the direction and strength of magnetic fields, including the Earth’s magnetic field. This capability enables precise orientation references in unmanned systems and robotics, with exceptionally stable performance over time and in different temperature conditions.

Veronte SDL (Standard Data Link) is the latest development in the field of data links, designed to provide state-of-the-art solutions for UAV applications. With the launch of this radio and its three available variants – Veronte SDL04 (400 MHz), SDL09 (900 MHz) and SDL24 (2.4 GHz) – Embention has consolidated its presence in the data link market.

Finally, Embention’s latest release was presented, the Veronte Autopilot DRx, the new version of Veronte Autopilot with distributed redundancy specifically designed to meet the stringent eVTOL certification requirements, being the only “Ready to Fly” autopilot available on the market. The system, in addition to being developed according to DO178C / ED-12, DO254 / ED80 and DO160 / ED14 aviation standards, is Safety Independent thanks to the Dual Management Board, so that no single point failure will lead to degradation of the operation.

Xponential 2023 attracted international drone and UAV industry professionals and entities, as well as technology companies specialising in robotics. Embention took the opportunity to meet with industry leaders, exchange ideas and experiences with partners and customers during the week-long event. We at Embention look forward to the next edition of Xponential in San Diego!