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Leaders in Autopilots and Components for Drones & UAM

At Embention we have 15-year experience in the autonomous vehicle industry, we develop high-performance systems for UAVs and eVTOL in compliance with aircraft certification standards.

Let us advise you in the development of your professional drone.

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Veronte Components for Drones & UAM

High-performance drone autopilots, cameras, control stations and components for advanced integration of professional UAVs & eVTOL. Products developed in compliance with the most demanding aircraft standards for reliability and certification.

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Veronte Autopilot is designed for the autonomous control of drones including multirotors, helicopters, planes, VTOLs, hybrids, airships, as well as surface vehicles and eVTOL systems for UAM. DO178 & DO254 certification datapack and redundant configurations are available for enhanced reliability.


Embention develops single and dual camera gimbal systems for professional drones. These self-stabilized gimbal cameras include embedded video processing for target tracking and other AI functions and high precision sensors for camera pointing in UAVs and autonomous vehicles.

veronte gimbal payload Embention
Veronte MCS control station

Control Stations

Veronte drone control stations have been designed for the safe operation of professional UAVs in any environment. These high-reliability ground control stations include all-weather protection for operation in rain environments and under extreme temperatures.

Tracking Antennas

Veronte Tracker is a high-performance tracking antenna designed for long-range drone communications. The system can install any directional antenna, performing auto-tracking to automatically point the antennas in the UAV direction, achieving +100km communication range.

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Embention develops a wide range of peripherals for drones and other autonomous vehicles. These peripherals include signal converters, expansion ports, ESC and other high-grade electronics. These devices are developed according to the highest reliability standards for UAVs.


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NMAND Professional Drones & UAVs

Embention works with a wide range of UAVs for the delivery of ready to fly professional drones installing Veronte systems. These drones can be customized for surveillance, mapping, spraying and other applications.

Tethered Drones

The NMAND Tethered Drones performs unlimited time flights up to a 150m height. The tether supplies power to the drone from a ground power source so there is no need to land for refuelling or battery charge.

tether control station
tether-embention ts150
m600 multirotor embention


High-performance multirotor drones including RTK for precision vertical takeoff and landing. It allows operation from any location, even in forested areas. The robust construction and high endurance battery make it perfect for military and professional environments.

Fixed Wing

Fully autonomous fixed-wing drones for long-range operations. With a light and robust structure, it can be easily adapted for all kind of operations. The embedded Veronte Autopilot unit provides fully autonomous flight including take-off and landing.

fixed wing embention
f300 evtol embention


VTOL drones mix the long-range capability from fixed-wing drones with the flexibility given by the vertical takeoff and landing. These professional UAVs permit to fly in all kind of environments, operating from reduced spaces.


UAV catapults are designed for the operation of drones from reduced spaces avoiding the use of a runway for takeoff. Pneumatic and rubber band catapults are available for the operation of aircraft from 3 to 35Kg.

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Embention participates in more than 500 drone projects worldwide having more than 100.000h accumulated flight time. We work in the daily innovation of our products for Enabling Drones to Populate Our Skies.



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