Environmental Sustainability in Embention

Due to the concern for sustainability derived from the growing respect for the environment and legislative advances to protect our planet, many companies are betting on changes in their activities that allow a balance between economic growth and the preservation of biodiversity. 

Naturally, we at Embention join in the commitment to environmental sustainability. To do so, we must put ourselves in the context of what environmental sustainability is.  

Environmental sustainability is the efficient management of natural resources in productive activity, which makes it possible to satisfy the needs of present generations without compromising the possibilities of future generations to meet their own needs. It is for this reason that achieving environmental sustainability depends on the commitment of companies and individuals

Over the last few months, an analysis of the processes carried out at Embention has been carried out in order to identify the environmental aspects and the necessary measures to be taken to reduce the environmental impact. Based on these studies, Embention’s business strategy is committed to:

  • Reducing waste generation through improved stock control.
  • Preparing for reuse and recycling of packaging and transport materials.
  • Improving the waste disposal process through a waste manager. 
  • Use of local resources by encouraging the use of local suppliers.
  • Encourage good environmental performance of staff through our internal communication elements.

In this way, Embention plans to join the leading companies in the fight against climate change, so that progressively, progress can be made in this area that will have a global impact. In addition, there are numerous advantages for an organisation like Embention in becoming a sustainable company:

  • To position itself as a benchmark company.
  • Improve Embention’s reputation.
  • Improve business competitiveness.
  • Connecting with an aware public.
  • Cost savings.
  • Improve internal employee productivity.
  • Improving the image in front of investors.
  • Creation of synergies with other companies.
  • Compliance with regulations.

In the relatively near future, many activities and economic sectors are going to be affected by increasing environmental regulations, in addition to a society that is increasingly demanding more responsible environmental management from organisations, including customers and suppliers who are more aware of their environmental role. This reality makes it necessary for Embention to establish a corporate environmental policy in accordance with the company’s objectives and which, at the same time, helps legal compliance with all the requirements that affect and will affect the organisation.