Find out what UMEX 2022 was like at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre

In mid-February 2022, the UMEX exhibition took place in Abu Dhabi, the only event in the Middle East dedicated to drones, robotics, components and unmanned systems. Embention, as a leading supplier of critical drone components, could not miss it. 

The fifth edition of the UMEX event was attended by professionals from all over the world in the UAV and drone sector, with whom our team was able to share experiences. Other technology companies involved in sectors such as robotics also attended.

The Veronte 4x Autopilot is what caused the most attention from the attendees, that is, the redundant control system for critical operations, especially in MALE, HALE and tactical UAV applications. Veronte Autopilot 1x for Loitering Munitions was also very well received.

The UMEX event consisted of three days, from 21-23 February, at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre where many companies met and discussed this growing sector.

During this time, our team was interviewed about how Veronte’s products can provide a real solution to those who are trying to bring to reality the drone they have in mind, thanks to the reliability that more than 15 years of experience gives them. For the autopilot, all its configurations maintain compliance with DO178C and DO254 aviation standards, which allows for the certification of both civil and military UAVs.

The talent of our engineers and daily work has made us a leading supplier in the sector, which is why we never stop investing in the constant improvement of our products. In this new edition of UMEX 2022 we have been able to show and share our latest version of the Veronte Autopilot. 

In short, many companies, including Embention, were able to enjoy a more extensive vision of the advances that are taking place in this sector, where R&D and the skills of our team are essential features to continue being leaders. We can’t wait for UMEX 2024!