The importance of having an advanced engineering support in the UAV industry

The UAV industry is growing very fast, the more time is passing the more drone manufacturers are emerging with new ideas, new vehicles and new developments. At the same time, the faster a company can have its UAVs ready to fly and to be used, the faster it will grow in this sector, for that reason at Embention we believe that offering good engineering support to our customers is crucial to help them to compete in this dynamic market.

LOTUS program. A step forward in the UAV Formation Flight.

Last July, the European Commission approved the grant agreement for 9.7 million € of funding signed with the consortium of the LOTUS – Low Observable Tactical Unmanned System project, which is a new European Tactical UAV, specially designed for the effective border surveillance and reconnaissance of threats and high value targets.

The Importance of a Robust Data Link in UAV operations

One of the first things that a drone operator looking for a UAV to carry out a concrete mission would take into account when selecting the UAV components, would be the data link to be used, specifically, its quality, robustness and the radio range it is capable of reaching.