M600WP Multirotor Drone

The M600WP is a WaterProof multirotor drone suitable for a wide variety of applications such as search and rescue (SAR), surveillance or delivery. With 15kg MTOW, this drone can handle up to 4kg payload, providing 45 min flight time with 1.5Kg gimbal camera.

The waterproof multirotor frame is optimized for long endurance flights. This drone is designed especially to stand harsh weather and critical environments. The drone has exemplary size optimization, being considered as a light weight UAS and can be easily detached for fast drone deployment.




Vast Payload Range


RTK Positioning


Custom Missions


Carbon Fiber


Fully Autonomous

Automatic from TakeOff to Landing


Fly in the camera pointing direction

Manual Control

At any time during the flight



Veronte Autopilot 1x is the core of the M600WP multirotor drone, it provides fully autonomous flight capabilities at the time it controls the payload and manages automatic failsafe routines.

Autonomous flight mode permits to fully automate the drone operation, including takeoff and landing. The multirotor system will follow the 3D route defined by the operator on a user friendly map. Furthermore, it is possible to take manual control at any time during the flight using the manual control mode or the Fly-By-Camera mode, in which the drone will fly in the direction that the camera is being pointed.




The structure of the M600WP multirotor drone is weather-resistant by design, it can fly in the harshest weather conditions, like rain, high humidity, snowfall or fog and handling severe winds. Redundant construction and robust design make it suitable for any kind of mission being operational even in case of a motor failure.

It has been examined by military units and police forces in Europe and other various countries with outstanding results. In addition, the M600WP drone has proved that it can be used in border control and drug trafficking control at the time it is a cost-effective vehicle that can be used for massive operations such as drone delivery.



Carbon Fiber

Robust and light estructure

Redundant Motors

Operational even on motor failure




The Veronte Autopilot 1x controlling the M600WP multirotor drone is a versatile control system developed in compliance with DO178C & DO254 standards (certification datapack available) embedding a redundant state-of-the-art suite of sensors providing unique accuracy and performance.

Versatility given by the Veronte Autopilot for drone control permits to adapt multirotor configuration to the requirements of any kind of missions (surveillance, border control, mapping, delivery…) being possible to configure custom control phases and flight modes.

LOS, 4G BLOS and Satcom modules are available for drone control so it can be controlled in the line of sight or from the internet.

Autonomous Flight


DO178C & DO254

Redundant Sensors



EO & IR Camera

Cargo Release

Payload dropping systems


45 min of flight



The WaterProof Multirotor drone M600WP has a cargo capacity of 1.5Kg. The most common configuration includes the Veronte Gimbal 10z that installs dual camera with HD EO video feed and Flir IR module. For long-range surveillance it is also possible to install the Veronte Gimbal 30z, having up to 30x optical zoom in a high quality HD camera together with the IR module.

Veronte Gimbal modules can provide vehicle and person detection and identification at large distances, having onboard video processing algorithms for target tracking, geo-positioning, geo-location and video stabilization. Nevertheless, Custom payloads can be installed in the M600WP multirotor drone for a wide variety of applications and tasks.


LOS Control

Tablet or PC

BLOS Control

4G or SatCom

Fleet Management

Cloud management of fleets

Flexible GCS

Flexible GCS

The M600WP multirotor drone has shown its compatibility and flexibility with any control station configuration. Besides the possibility to control the drone from a PC connected to the internet thanks to the 4G module in the drone, Veronte TCS or Veronte PCS can be used for controlling the system using a tablet PC or laptop through a LOS datalink.

For long endurance operations and critical environments the use of the Veronte MCS suitcase is highly efficient. Thanks to its built-in battery and robustness for outdoors use this innovative design permits to obtain the best performance from any vehicle equipped with Veronte Autopilot control systems.

Empty Weight6kg (11kg with batteries)
Endurance44min with 1.5kg payload
Maximum Speed70km/h
Max Wind Speed43.2km/h
StructureFoldable, carbon fiber
Take offVertical


Flight Control System
Control SystemVeronte Autopilot
DatalinkLOS | 4G BLOS
Mission PlanningDrawing on the map, mission based on curves Pre-programmable & in flight edition Selectable map (Google, Bing, custom images …) Mapping & surveillance tools Exclusion areas Custom routines
Pre-Flight ChecksCustom checklist
Takeoff & LandingFully automatic
Data LoggingOnboard & on control station data log, with customized information (position, attitude, speed, battery …)
Configurable Automatic RoutinesTriggering events: arrival to a waypoint, altitude, inside / outside of a polygon, low battery, data link quality… Automatic actions: photogrammetry, payload release, go to a waypoint …
Failsafe Routines (Configurable By The User)Go home In situ landing Go to a waypoint Definition of obstacles …


Aircraft Specifications
Number Of Rotors6
PropellerCarbon fiber  22×6.6
Size1287mm base width |1650 wingspan |493 heighr
MotorDisk 4822 390kv
Batteries2x 6s 25000mAh
GimbalDual camera(EO+IR)|single camera(EO)
Payload diversityMapping camera, multispectral camera, transponder, real time video, LIDAR, RADAR …

M600WP Multirotor Drone

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