New Veronte SDL Data Link

At Embention we have more than 15 years of experience in the development of autopilots and high performance components for the autonomous vehicle industry. We strive everyday for excellence and bring the most advanced solutions to the UAV field, helping customers and partners to achieve their goals with the cutting-edge technology while meeting the highest requirements in terms of safety.

Nuevo Veronte SDL Data Link

Veronte SDL04 (400MHz), SDL09 (900MHz) y SDL24 (2,4GHz)

This time, Embention steps up into the data link field with our three newly released LOS radios, the Veronte SDL04 (400MHz), SDL09 (900MHz) and SDL24 (2,4GHz), all are bidirectional for TM / TC. 

The new Veronte SDL is assembled into an anodized-aluminium enclosure designed to be small, lightweight, with good heat dissipation and includes four mounting points to suit installation needs. The entire product is IP68 rated for ensuring all-weather protection. 

On the electronics side, it is compatible with a wide range of supply voltages that goes from 6,5V up to 36V. The bidirectional RS-232 port permits to establish long range communications for TM/TC. A power output can be configured via software from 100 MW to 1W.  in addition, the SDL outputs an RSSI signal to monitorize the RF signal quality. An SMA output is available to connect the antenna and a robust industrial grade M12 connector is used for the I/O.

VeronteSDL’s are unbeatable due to the IP68 rate, being able to go through hard environmental conditions for ground and air applications, also mentioning the capability of very easy installation in almost any aircraft, from small to big, using the built-in four mounting points to allow flexibility in every installation, covering almost any needs. Also, several antennas can be used along with our radios to fit best the job for what has been required.

Veronte SDL joins the Veronte Ecosystem offered by Embention, expanding the Avionics family and adding a new product that enables data linking while offering reduced size and IP68 protection in its 3 available versions: 400MHz, 900MHz and 2.4GHz.