Veronte Ecosystem, the family of products

Embention’s family of products, called Veronte Ecosystem, continues to grow and improve to offer the best hardware and software solutions to the Advanced Air Mobility industry. The company, driven by technological innovation, develops customized products and services to meet the most demanding needs in terms of quality and safety. In addition, we offer the possibility of Autopilot certification, as the team is familiar with DO178 / ED12, DO254, DO160, STANAG and other standards. 

Embention’s product family, Veronte Ecosystem, is composed of 6 product lines, all of them compatible and connectable with each other, to achieve the highest levels of quality and safety even in the most critical systems and conditions.

The Veronte Ecosystem consists of the following product lines:

Veronte Autopilots: Embention’s flagship and with which the company has positioned itself as a world reference in the manufacture of high quality avionics systems. Developed in accordance with aviation standards DO178C / ED-12, DO254 and DO160, Veronte Autopilot is the only one that has approved compliance with these standards in a certification process and providing evidence of reliability required for certification. 

There are two variants: Veronte Autopilot 1x and Veronte Autopilot 4x. While the Veronte Autopilot 1x is intended for UAVs, the 4x is a triple redundancy version of the 1x, designed specifically for critical operations such as UAM.

Veronte Motor Controllers: the line of motor controllers consists of the MC110 and MC24, both designed for eVTOL and as Veronte Autopilot, developed in compliance with DO178C and DO254, providing evidence of reliability required for eVTOL certification applications in UAM operations. The MC110 is designed for high voltage operations up to 550V and currents up to 200A, while the MC24 operates in the range of 60-120V and actual continuous current up to 200A. Both have IP68 protection.

Veronte Control Stations: composed of the MCS and the PCS, which can be connected together. The MCS Dual Screen is a dual screen control station for the operation of UAVs and drones. This high-performance system offers robustness and reliability even in the most extreme conditions. It is ready for use with Veronte Autopilot and Veronte Pipe systems.

The PCS is an advanced ground station system optimized for the control of any vehicle with Veronte Autopilot. The integrated BCS unit, together with the internal radio and advanced GNSS antenna, enables the control station to provide truly accurate navigation. 

Veronte PCS is the perfect complement to the MCS control station, as it is the ideal solution for long-range communications.

Veronte Tracking Antennas: Veronte Tracker T28 is a high performance tracking antenna and allows the installation of any type of directional antenna to maximize the capabilities of the operation with drones or other unmanned vehicles. It allows the installation of radio modules for both telemetry and video that allow long range missions with ranges greater than 200 km. 

Like the MCS and PCS, the Veronte Tracker T28 is fully integrated with Veronte Autopilot and has been designed with a robust construction in anodized aluminum and stainless steel to operate in the most extreme conditions.

Veronte Gimbal Cameras: composed of the Veronte Gimbal 10z and 30z, are high quality gyro-stabilized cameras for capturing images from moving vehicles such as UAVs, RPAS or professional drones. The dual camera system incorporates a visible and an IR camera, installed on a gyro-stabilized platform with sensors for precision pointing. 

The 30z camera is a highly sophisticated model, where the performance is increased, being the perfect choice for when you need more zoom or detection of people or objects at a greater distance and higher quality. The 10z camera is the lightest and most compact option, suitable for aircraft with limited payload capacity. 

In combination with Veronte Autopilot, it enables functions such as fly-by-camera or autonomous flight with object tracking.

Veronte Avionics: consisting of Veronte Stick Expander and CEX Expander. While the Veronte Stick Expander is a device that enables the use of joysticks with USB connection in the Veronte Ecosystem, the CEX Expander is a powerful peripheral that extends the I/O in Veronte Autopilot by allowing to relocate and group sensors, actuators, payloads and motor controllers among others, while reducing the amount of cable in autonomous vehicles and the risks of electromagnetic interference. 

All this makes Veronte Ecosystem a powerful product portfolio for manned and unmanned vehicles, offering a large number of combinations and configurations to provide reliability and safety to any mission, even in the most adverse conditions. In addition, Embention, in its desire to offer our customers and partners greater ease in choosing the most suitable products and services for their objectives, has differentiated each product line within Veronte Ecosystem with a different color, in order to give each line its own identity and make them more visible and identifiable.