Enhanced Fly-By-Wire for eVTOL With Veronte Autopilot

Embention has been working in air vehicle control since 2007. During these years, the company has been involved in the control of multirotors, fixed wing, tilting rotor VTOL, tilt wings, autogyros, etc. accumulating a vast experience in the flight management of all kinds of vehicle layouts.

Fly-by-wire technology in Veronte Autopilot 4x permits to safely control the aircraft from a joystick installed in the pilot cabin. It has been designed to control up to 32 different actuators within the aircraft, including servos, electric motors, brakes and other control surfaces. No matter if the eVTOL is powered by electric motors or gasoline engines. 

Custom flight envelopes can be configured in the eVTOL fly-by-wire system. These envelopes will be self-adapted to environmental conditions, pilot skills or other variables defined. As a result, this fly-by-wire technology permits to ensure a comfortable flight for the passengers onboard the eVTOL aircraft even under wind gusts or during flight transitions.

The configurable software in Veronte Autopilot 4x includes a graphical programming tool to easily customize autopilot performance, permitting to customize control phases and build custom control strategies. In addition, specific transition phases can be defined so VTOL and forward flight controls work simultaneously to ensure a smooth transition. 

Enhanced Fly-By-Wire for eVTOL

Redundant fly-by-wire

Veronte Autopilot includes a unique redundant architecture containing three complete autopilot cores in lockstep processing mode, with the possibility of adding a 4th core to the redundancy management. This fault-tolerant technology permits to simultaneously run aircraft GNC algorithms in all autopilot cores. In case of a failure in one of the cores the voting logic will discard this autopilot core assigning control to a different one. Furthermore, it is also possible to define system architectures with distributed redundancy using Veronte Autopilot.

This redundant fly-by-wire solution is robust to single point of failure and compatible with redundant sticks, cabin buttons and actuators. Therefore, redundancy can be extended to all the critical systems within the aircraft.

In terms of certification, Veronte Autopilot is developed according to the DO178C, DO254 and DO160 standards making available a complete certification datapack. It contains the documentation needed to prove autopilot reliability in a certification process. Aircraft specific verification test and requirement traceability can be easily generated using the Embention Development Environment that automates the documentation generation process.

Besides the fly-by-wire capabilities, the Veronte Autopilot 4x includes other functionalities essential in commercial eVTOL. Fully autonomous flight, embedded 4G, obstacle avoidance algorithms and cloud fleet monitoring are some of the advantages present in Veronte Autopilot 4x.