Embention at the Commercial UAV Expo 2016 Las Vegas

Las Vegas (USA), specifically the MGM Grand Hotel Casino located at South Boulevard will welcome the Commercial UAV Expo 2016. This event will take place from October 31st to November 2nd. This is one of the most important B2B (business to business) global events in the industry of drones.

Commercial UAV Expo 2016 is an exhibition and conference exclusively focused on the market of the commercial UAVs for civil use: engineering, construction, mapping and surveillance, emergency, security, law enforcement, search and rescue, mining, precision agriculture, etc…

Embention participation in Commercial UAV Expo 2016

Embention is glad to attend as an exhibitor to the commercial UAV Expo 2016, an exhibition created in 2015 which was very well received. During the 3 day duration it will be possible to attend to lectures, exhibitions and networking sessions. There Embention will participate with its new product line including: redundant autopilots, support for 4G communications, Veronte Cloud for drone control from the Internet.

Please, do not hesitate to visit Embention at booth #233 were Embention´s products for UAVs and drones such as Veronte Autopilot will be displayed. Latest developments and updates will be shown, such as: “Sense & Avoid” based on the use of LIDAR or radar sensors; curved based navigation; detection of unsafe environments through the integration of temperature, pressure, humidity and rain sensors; compatibility with hybrid systems; definition of obstacles and safe flight areas; RTCM accuracy; automatic control of payloads; automatic actions triggering inflight; configurable flight phases for custom performance, etc… All this focused in applications with UAVs and RPAS for missions like agriculture, mining, surveying, etc…

In order to arrange an appointment with our representatives during the exhibition, contact to: Javier Espuch at [email protected] or +34 965115421