HIL Simulator

  • Safe environment operation & testing
  • Training and development
  • Real actuator movement
  • Full Hardware in the Loop Simulation
  • Real autopilot hardware and software

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Veronte Hardware In the Loop (HIL) Simulator package is a powerful tool for Veronte Autopilot integration, development and operator training; permitting to extensively operate the system in a safe environment, prior to conducting real flight operations.HIL simulator module enables communications between Veronte Autopilot and Veronte HIL Simulator running on a PC. For the autopilot, it is as if it were flying, taking simulated data as real sensor input.

HIL Setup

Same hardware and software used to operate the real platform can be used for performing the hardware in loop simulation by using the HIL wiring. Operator will use Veronte Pipe interface in the same way it is used during a real flight.Veronte HIL Simulator shares simulated sensor data with Veronte Autopilot and Veronte commands actuators in the simulator, GNC algorithms runs on the autopilot hardware as it does on a real flight.Any Veronte Autopilot, with advanced communications module enabled, can be used with the simulator, avoiding extra hardware costs.

Real Actuator Movement

During the simulation, not only the actuators and control surfaces on the Veronte HIL Simulator 3D model will move, but also the ones on the real platform will.Provided wiring permits to connect Veronte Autopilot to the PC running the flight simulator without disconnecting it from the aircraft. This advanced functionality is used to perform the simulation with real actuator movement on the ground, so the whole system can be tested for detecting both configuration and platform mounting failures.

Advanced Configuration

HIL simulation permits to test everything configured on the autopilot prior to performing real operations (payload activation, control adjustment, failsafe mitigations…). All of this, tested form Veronte Pipe, same software that is used for real aircraft operation.This powerful simulation environment provides a real UAV flight feeling. All flight modes are available during the simulation: automatic, manual, arcade... so the operator will not even notice that the aircraft is on ground.Veronte HIL Simulator also includes tools for simulating adverse flight conditions such as: rain, wind, adverse weather, system failures, motor stop, low fuel, cargo release… all of which are compatible with Veronte HIL Simulator.

Compatible with Any Platform

Veronte Autopilot is compatible with a wide range of platforms, permitting to operate almost any unmanned vehicle imaginable: fixed wing, helicopter, multirotor, surface vehicle, hybrid platforms, parafoil, blimp…
UAV Ala Fija
Fixed Wing
UAV Multirotor
UAV Helicóptero
UAV Híbrido
UAV Dirigible
UAV Parapente
UAV Misil
Vehículo Terrestre (UGV)
Ground Vehicle (UGV)
UAS Blanco Móvil
Vehículo de Superficie (USV)
Surface Vehicle (USV)
Plane Maker tool permits to configure unmanned aircraft vehicle layout and components (engine, fuel tanks, propeller…) so the simulation can be performed with real aircraft performance; being a cost-effective tool for testing new aircraft configurations prior to constructing the aircraft.

HIL Simulator


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