Veronte MEX, Magnetometer with I/O Expansion Functionalities

Embention is always working to be at the forefront of the UAV environment, so continuous evolution is part of our values. After assessing the market demands, we have released Veronte MEX, a robust magnetometer sensor with I/O expansion capabilities.

In aviation, a field where weight means such an important agent in design, struggling with wiring is one of the most common issues faced during vehicle design. With the use of Veronte MEX, not only this issue would be reduced, but a bunch of opportunities for the connection of different sensors and devices  arise. All this, with an embedded high performance magnetometer.

The Veronte MEX is protected by an enclosure made of anodized-aluminum being also possible to install it as a OEM version for weight and size reduction



With its magneto-inductive technology and one sensor coil for each one of the three axis, the internal magnetometer detects direction and strength of a magnetic field, including the earthly field, useful for navigation applications. The magnetometer measurements can be configured in order to be sent through RS-232, RS-485 or CAN channels to other devices, like any other variable. It has been designed as a drop-in replacement of Honeywell HMR2300 magnetometer.

Wiring Optimization:

The wiring optimization plays a critical role in the aircraft industry, permitting a significant weight reduction. Veronte MEX permits to create a robust redundant CAN Bus network trought the vehicle and to interface it with non robust signals (PWM, Analog Inputs, I2C…). The robustness of the CAN Bus must also be highlighted: redundancy, software configurable terminating resistors and enhanced resistance to electromagnetic interference. These properties avoid GND loops and permit the installation of long cables with no signal loss.

I/O Expander:

Veronte MEX provides extended I/O so as to control several peripherals (PWM, RS232, RS485, Digital Outputs, I2C, Analog Inputs…) through the CAN Bus, achieving more control over complex payload. It can be used for controlling peripherals with a robust communications protocol as well. In case it is needed, multiple Veronte MEX boards can be installed in the same network for increasing the number of I/O ports or because of system architecture needs. 

Veronte MEX stands out as a powerful peripheral to ease the reduction of wire in autonomous vehicles, allowing to increase the number of devices in the system at the time it adds magnetometer related functionalities. With its easy integration, Veronte MEX becomes a quick solution for increasing connectivity capacity and allowing wiring optimization.