Software Update 6.8: More Robust and Accessible

A crucial aspect of software for the UAV and eVTOL sectors is the robustness and integrity of the data, as well as the accessibility that the systems offer to their users. Both properties are particularly relevant in aircraft certification processes.

In order to guarantee the integrity of the system, it is crucial that each user in contact with the equipment only has access to modify certain types of parameters (configuration, calibration, operation…). This function also helps the operation, promoting the specialization of the equipment and avoiding human errors.

Based on the latest experiences with autonomous vehicle certification, Embention has opted for the development of modular software, which distributes its tools in different programs, presenting advantages closely aligned with these two aspects:

Manage accessibility: it is guaranteed that the different users only have access to the programs they need to perform their tasks, being able to protect access by unauthorized personnel.

Optimization of the processing capacity: Allows to execute only the code necessary for the operation to be performed, this measure allows to optimize the operation of the tools.

Global vision of the processes: the user is provided with a perfect understanding of the set of programs, explaining the usefulness of each of the modules. Modular software makes work easier for users, thanks to its simplification.

Modularization of Veronte Pipe

From Embention’s point of view, the company has decided to go a step further in its software development by breaking down its Veronte PIPE software into 8 different tools:

Link: Allows multiple control stations and autopilot units to be interconnected, operating simultaneously.

PDI Builder: Autopilot configuration tool (control laws, flight phases, operation modes, failsafes…) to adapt it to a specific vehicle.

PDI Calibration: Calibration parameter setting on the autopilot.

HIL Simulator: Performs HIL simulations with the actual autopilot hardware, allowing to use X-Plane, Microsoft Flight Simulator or Simulink as simulation environment.

PDI Tuning: Adjusts autopilot control laws during actual flight.

EOC Updater: Management of system updates.

FDR: File Manager inside Veronte Autopilot.

Veronte APP: Application for the operation and monitoring of the vehicle during the mission.

The new 6.8 software features great flexibility and customizability to customer requirements, including new control blocks or its operation compatibility with Windows, Linux & MAC.

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, this new software package ensures that access to operation and configuration files is restricted according to user level. In this way, operators and customer engineers are provided separately with the necessary tools to operate and integrate the aircraft.

Discover more about the latest update here: Veronte Autopilot – Software Release 6.8