Seminar on telecommunications, applications in UAVs

Tomorrow, October 20th 2015, Embention imparts a seminar on telecommunications and UAVs, at UMH (University Miguel Hernández) in Elche, Alicante (Spain). The issue to be addressed is “applications and importance of telecommunications in the field of UAS and UAV”. A seminar with the aim of being imparted to students of the master in Multidisciplinary Applications in Telecommunications Engineering. After the presentation a round of questions and a discussion will be opened for students.

Main aspects of Embention’s speech at the seminar on telecommunications

Embention, at the seminar on telecommunications, will introduce; a presentation in which will explain the state of the art in the field of the UAVs, as well as the importance of the telecommunications sector over the same: real-time data link, system monitoring, video transmission, satellite communications and 4G, …

Seminar on telecommunications - success cases

Likewise, different success cases of the company will be explained, emphasizing in them the influence of the main theme of the seminar on telecommunications. These success cases involve various projects of different leading companies in sector such as: Airbus Military, Inta, Flightech Systems, Singular Aircraft, Lince-RC, SCR, Aernnova, Nimbus, Expal, Aerotargets, Everis, DroneTech UAV, LabElectronics, Novadrone, Insight Robotics, Beijing Space Eye, RudAero, Cardio Centro Ticino, Map Technology, IAEA, Allied Drones, BBINTL, Grandtek, AgEagle, …

In addition in this seminar on telecommunications Embention provides an opportunity to participate in a scholarship on autopilots integration in drones or unmanned aircraft systems (RPAS / UAS).