EMBENTION debuts on Euronext Access Paris

EMBENTION, leading developer of components for Drones and eVTOL, debuts on Euronext Access Paris

EURONEXT, the European stock market, is bringing together companies that will debut on its IPO at the end of April in Paris, where Embention will begin its adventure on the stock market.

On April 29, the date of the Euronext celebration, David Benavente, CEO and founder of the company, will make his debut, marking a before and after in the company’s history. 

Embention adds a new milestone to its history and reaffirms its leadership in the sector of autopilots for drone control and eVTOL. During its more than 15 years of experience the company has taken part in the first RPAS certified in Europe, the first flight of a hybrid VTOL drone with a single autopilot, the first autopilot for UAVs developed according to the civil aeronautics regulation DO178C / DO254, among other achievements.

“This means a lot to us and is certainly a historic milestone for the company. It reflects the great effort of everyone who has contributed in some way to the company to get us this far and the strong growth that both we and the industry have experienced in recent years,” says the company’s founder.

The Spanish company jumps to Euronext Access in Paris at the moment of greatest expansion of the autonomous vehicle market. The aim is for the listing to provide visibility and confidence to customers, certification bodies and other stakeholders, as well as to access new financial resources, diversify revenue sources and underpin the company’s growth.

Embention has always opted for a strong investment in R&D&I as the basis of its success. These new resources will strengthen the company’s leadership with the development of new products and maintaining its position as a pioneer in the certification of autonomous vehicles.

One of the drone applications we could not have imagined was put into practice by the Chinese authorities in the Gaokao, something similar to the university entrance exams. The purpose was to monitor those students who tried to cheat in the exam, given that this is a very tough test that around 9 million people face every year, and being capable of anything to pass, there have been cases of pinganillos, impersonation… To control it, the Chinese government saw in this drone the solution to these frauds.

About Embention: 

Embention is a leading company with 15 years of experience in the development of critical components for drones, eVTOL and all types of autonomous vehicles.

With a staff of more than 50 employees, it has participated in more than 500 projects at an international level, being a reference in the unmanned aircraft industry, applying state-of-the-art technologies in the development of its products, where the Veronte Autopilot stands out. 

About Euronext:

Last year there were 212 companies of all nationalities with a value of €123 billion listed on Euronext, which is the platform on which a total of 1,959 companies are listed with a capitalization of €6.9 trillion, the largest in Europe in terms of aggregate market capitalization.