Embention’s renewed Ground Control Station, Veronte PCS

This pole control station (PCS) gives the operator a ready-to-use system, which can be personalized for any kind of mission and includes all required components for a Ground Station.

Veronte PCS is the main ground control station system for Veronte operations. This system is available with different device configurations in order to fit all operational requirements from each application.

Features and improvements of the new ground control station 

The  completely renewed new PCS, has been designed with the experience of the previous PCS reaching a whole new level of quality, robustness and reliability of the product.


The new PCS has an aluminium case in order to stimulate heat dissipation and at the same time contain the weight, allowing a greater range of temperatures during operations. The enclosure has a carrying handle that makes it easy to transport the system as a briefcase. Furthemore, it has rubber bumpers on each corner in order to protect the PCS from bangs and to be able to leave it in various resting positions without causing any damage. The case has IP54 protection and an automatic pressure regulation valve, making it versatile for a wide range of operations.

Internal components

All the integrated components in the PCS are of industrial quality, with the Veronte BCS autopilot as the heart of the system. The battery is integrated in the internal structure of the PCS allowing it to be replaced if necessary in a practical, fast way, enabling simple maintenance. The battery has an integrated BMS system which increases operation reliability.

User bay

The new PCS has a bay for large user equipment. This bay can be easily removed and mounted at various heights depending on equipment configuration. The user bay is easily accessible and easy to assemble and disassemble.

Assembly accessories and transport suitcase

The PCS is provided with assembly accessories in order to adapt it to the tripod (pole) and Embention’s Veronte tracker and other equipment. A transport suitcase is included with all the necessary equipment for the operation, to facilitate the transport of the system and guarantee the maximum protection possible.

When designing and manufacturing the product, every aspect has been analyzed in great detail, with the purpose of positioning the control station in the market for professional and military drones/RPAS /UAVs as one of the most advanced systems. Being considered the most appropriate system to work jointly with the rest of the Veronte environment equipment, also counting on the support and reliability offered by Embention products.