Embention releases the new Veronte Autopilot DRx

Embention, in its more than 15 years of experience innovating in the autonomous vehicle sector with the development of high-performance systems in compliance with DO178C, DO254 and DO160G aeronautical certification standards, is once again changing the rules of the game by launching the new Veronte Autopilot DRx with distributed redundancy.

Embention’s new DRx Autopilot, the only “ready to fly” distributed redundancy autopilot on the market, has been specifically designed and developed to meet the most demanding eVTOL certification standards. The new autopilot combines the high performance of Veronte Autopilot 4x with distributed redundancy, which makes the system robust to zonal failures. In this way, each autopilot can be located in different zones of the aircraft, as well as being connected to different power supplies, sensors etc. separately, thus preventing the propagation of a zonal fault, such as fire or short circuits.

Veronte Autopilot DRx: redundancy and independence for maximum safety

In addition, the new Distributed Autopilot is “Safety Independent” as it has a dual Management Board, in accordance with the JARUS methodology. Thus, no single point failure will lead to degradation of the operation.

Veronte Autopilot DRx has been developed in compliance with the DO178C, DO254 and DO160G aeronautical certification standards with the intention to meet the certification needs of eVTOL aircraft with DAL-A requirements. The Veronte Autopilot DRx certification datapack contains the necessary documentation to face an eVTOL certification process.

Embention’s new distributed redundant autopilot offers redundancy and independence for maximum safety and is specifically suited for eVTOL. The Veronte DRx can be configured to include fully customised control modes, such as fully autonomous control mode or fly-by-wire (arcade) mode.

This redundant fly-by-wire solution is robust to single points of failure and compatible with redundant sticks, cockpit buttons and actuators, so redundancy can be extended to all critical aircraft systems.

Embention has once again become a disruptive player in the sector by applying its know-how of more than 15 years of experience in the operation of VTOL and multi-rotor aircraft to develop the first Autopilot with distributed redundancy for eVTOL “ready to fly” on the market.

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