Embention celebrates its 16th anniversary with a fun rafting team trip

Thursday, June 22 was a very special day for Embention, as the company celebrated its 16th anniversary. From its beginnings to consolidate itself as a benchmark in the field of technology and engineering, Embention has achieved great milestones throughout its trajectory. To commemorate this significant achievement, the whole team gathered for a day full of emotions and activities.

The day began with an inspiring talk by Embention’s CEO, David Benavente. Through a video call, he shared the company’s goals and outstanding achievements. With a staff of 80 employees in constant growth, the occasion provided an opportunity to reflect on the teamwork and dedication of all Embention members.

After the talk, it was time to enjoy a delicious shared lunch. Workers from different departments gathered to have lunch together, strengthening ties and sharing ideas.

The next stop was on the new floor that Embention had recently inaugurated: the Vertipuerto. The workers had the opportunity to enjoy the progress and development of the facility, a fact of Embention’s growth and expansion.

After lunch and a tour of the new facilities Embention had organized an exciting rafting trip on the Segura River in Murcia. The workers were divided into teams and enjoyed a thrilling rafting trip. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the river and the adrenaline of the water sport, the team spirit was further strengthened.

During the crossing, a stop was made for lunch, a perfect moment for conversation and bonding.  After continuing down the river, the day concluded with more moments of sharing and chatting among the team. The rafting experience was an opportunity to enjoy nature, release tension and strengthen the team spirit that has been fundamental to Embention’s success.

With this memorable day, Embention celebrated its 16th anniversary in a big way. Since its founding, the company has managed to become a benchmark in its industry thanks to the commitment and dedication of its talented team. The day was full of emotions, from reflections on past achievements to outdoor adventures. The company looks to the future with enthusiasm and determination, confident that the coming years will be just as successful and full of innovation.