Embention celebrates a paddle tennis tournament to promote team building

With the aim of promoting team building and healthy lifestyle habits, last Friday 28th April the Embention team participated in a paddle tennis tournament that took place from 16.00h to 18.30h at Ecomm Pádel in Sant Vicente del Raspeig. The event included a lunch on site and a padel tournament among the team members.

The tournament started after lunch and the whole Embention team showed great energy and enthusiasm. There was a very lively and competitive atmosphere, but there was also great camaraderie and team spirit. The players were changing partners, which generated excitement and surprises in each match.

The aim of the paddle tennis tournament was to enjoy a pleasant afternoon, to promote sport, healthy living and to have fun together. The participants were able to share a team activity, which encouraged collaboration and group work.

The tournament was an Embention initiative to promote teambuilding and healthy lifestyle habits at work. The team had the opportunity to share a fun and healthy activity that allowed them to get to know each other better and strengthen bonds between participants. One of the advantages of paddle tennis is that it is accessible to everyone regardless of age or ability.

The organisation of the tournament was a great success, participants were able to enjoy a meal before the matches started. It fostered Embention’s teambuilding and healthy habits, provided an opportunity for all participants to connect with each other and strengthen their bonds. The atmosphere was friendly and competitive.

In addition to the paddle tennis tournament, Embention has carried out other events and activities to promote team building and healthy habits at work. The company has organised outdoor races, excursions, canoeing and aquatic activities among others.

These initiatives not only promote the physical and mental well-being of participants, but also strengthen collaboration and cohesion in the work team. By doing activities together, employees have the opportunity to get to know each other better and establish closer and more authentic relationships, which can have a positive impact on communication and teamwork in the work environment.