Embention and Barcelona Drone Center sign an agreement to facilitate the testing process of drones and eVTOL systems.

EMBENTION, a company based in Spain, develops and commercializes autopilots and components for professional UAVs, its products developed according to DO-178/254/160. BCN Drone Center is a Spanish company, center of excellence in testing and certification. Both companies have joined forces to leverage each other’s resources and capabilities and create synergies in this process of testing drones and eVTOL systems for UAM (Urban Air Mobility).

Embention and BCN Drone Center thus build an offer that has the optimal conditions for the testing and certification process of all types of professional UAVs and UAM systems. Veronte autopilot is compatible with all types of autonomous vehicles and provides the reliability required for UAV certification. The BCN Drone Center facilities allow to develop and test the UAS in a better environment, to test, evaluate and certify prototypes and projects, as well as to accelerate certification processes.

The joint action is expected to bring a significant change in the field of drone testing and certification services. Thanks to this cooperation, clients will be able to rely on the best facilities and components to be able to carry out their projects. 50 km2 and a maximum ceiling of 4500 feet above sea level exclusively for UAVs, will allow them to fly their drone in BVLOS conditions with the assurance that they are complying with all legal and safety requirements.

This collaboration is a result of the growing importance of having a suitable test environment and an autopilot that already meets aeronautical standards in the certification process. The recognition of this fact and the companies’ resources and capabilities, based on a team of professionals in the field of UAVs, make this agreement the beginning of what is expected to be a larger cooperation in the future, in order to be able to continue providing solutions to companies carrying out projects in this sector.

About Embention:

Embention is a Spanish company dedicated to the development of autopilots and critical systems for UAV and eVTOL. Founded in 2007, it has 60 employees specialized in the field of autonomous vehicle control.

The company is involved in more than 500 projects at international level, supporting not only logistics applications but also surveillance, aerotaxis and mapping missions among others.

About BCN Drone Center:

BCN Drone Center is one of the first drone companies in Europe and one of the pioneers worldwide, center of excellence in testing and certification. Development, testing and certification of unmanned aerial vehicles. With a high degree of specialization in drone technology. Among its facilities, they have segregated airspace, hangar, runway, laboratory, meeting room, ground control stations, offices…