Embention announces a share capital increase

Embention, a leading company with more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing high-performance components and systems for UAVs and UAM, announced last Thursday, June 30, 2022, a capital increase following the approval of the General Meeting of Shareholders on June 24.

This capital increase will enable the financing of the company, thus allowing Embention to develop and consolidate the strategic plan, the ability to develop new products and increase its production capacity.

The autonomous vehicle industry is booming and more companies are investing in these technologies. The annual growth in this sector predicts that we will see drones populating our skies, and with this, we will see different drone applications such as delivery, logistics, air taxis, and emergency services, among others.

Embention has the capacity to design and develop its products internally from its facilities in Spain. It also has electronic and mechanical component manufacturing areas, an aircraft integration workshop, and a private airfield. In addition, the test and production facilities include state-of-the-art equipment, such as a climatic chamber, a vibration table, a calibration table, assembly stations, and a production facility.

Embention is developing two main product lines that include highly reliable drone components and ready-to-fly autonomous vehicles for professional use. 

In addition, the drone company collaborates with several partners to provide complete drone solutions, including transponders, video transmitters, altimeters, and other UAV components.

This expansion represents a further leap in the growth that Embention has had in recent years, being an example of this is the listing on Euronext Access on April 29th and being part of the advisory committee of the State Agency for Aviation Safety (AESA).

The capital increase will help Embention to be prepared to continue being leaders in the UAV/UAM sector and enable drones to populate our skies.