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The Veronte Avionics Stick Expander enables the use of USB sticks within the Veronte ecosystem. This USB to PPM converter is developed to be compatible with USB sticks (joysticks, throttle, pedals, etc) combining the stick signals into a generic PPM output.

This joystick converter is compatible with any commercially available stick and permits combining signals from multiple sticks connected simultaneously. This system allows an easy adaptation to any drone / UAV piloting style, improving the feeling of the pilot and helping operators to familiarise with the autonomous vehicle control.


16 Control Channels




Up to 4 USB Sticks


Stick, Pedals and Others


Control Signal Trim


Multiple Stick

Up to 4 simultaneous sticks

Custom Layout

Joystick, pedals, throttle, etc


PPM joystick signal

Multi-Stick Inputs

Multi-Stick Inputs

Veronte Stick Expander has the exclusiveness of being the unique joystick converter product in the market with the possibility of integrating up to 4 USB joysticks into a single PPM. Depending on the drone operation or the UAV control station layout, the multi-joystick feature can be enabled or a single controller can be used for drone control, being possible to combine multiple kinds of joysticks and pedals to recreate an aircraft flight cabin or creating any custom drone operation GCS.

It accepts any USB device for piloting the UAV or the unmanned vehicle, from joysticks to throttle handle, pedals, etc. being an easy way to adapt the drone GCS to the pilot and drone requirements. In addition, the Veronte Stick Expander can work as USB to PPM joystick converter. The state of the art of flight management and joystick controls in UAV operations!


Multiple Channels

Multiple Channels

The Veronte Stick Expander is configured to accept up to 16 control channels coming from the USB joysticks connected. The operator can design a system where those 16 channels are combined into a single PPM output. It permits to use commercial USB sticks for drone and UAV control.

Following the steps of our Veronte Autopilot 1x, it permits to control any vehicle with a wide variety of options. Manual, semi-autonomous and fly-by-wire control is possible. Regardless if the drone is a multirotor, fixed-wing, VTOL or if it has a custom layout. For example, a helicopter can be controlled using cyclic joystick, collective lever and pedals to control it as if the pilot were inside a real cabin.

Control Channels

Up to 16 channels


Any kind of drone platform


Up to 4 simultaneus sticks


Easiness and Flexibility

Available user manuals


Joysticks of any brand

Direct Connection

Joystick to PPM



One of the main advantages of this system is its easiness and flexibility of configuration. Configuration via WIFI allows to develop a perfect and quick customization to any kind of platform (fixed wings, multirotors, helicopters, hybrids …). In addition, its adaptability enables to work with joysticks of any brand and with the possibility of a direct connection between Joystick and transmitter.

The operator is able to trace every channel to one joystick input (stick or button) and it is possible to view the final schema. Furthermore, the channel’s configuration can be downloaded for later use or to export it to a different drone GCS.



Independent from PC

Customized Service

Veronte or third party systems


Robust aluminium enclosure

Stand Alone

Stand Alone

Veronte Stick Expander has its own operating system, allowing it to work independently from a PC. The fact that it doesn’t need a PC adds redundancy to the system, thus in case of a PC failure, the manual control will remain operational. Software is designed and optimized for this specific mission, avoiding delays, bugs or any other factors that could affect systems reliability.

It can work with Veronte Autopilot systems or third-party solutions. The PPM output is readable from any kind of receiver or autopilot system using a PPM joystick input. On the other hand, its aluminium enclosure and high-quality software makes it a robust solution.

Number of ChannelsUp to 16
Joystick Outputs1x PPM
PPM Connector3.5mm Jack
RS232 ConnectorInternal connection
Joystick Inputs4x USB
Multiple SticksUp to 4 sticks
Stick CompatibilityJoystick, throttle, pedals, wheel, etc
Configuration WayWIFI
Configurable“n” joystick input to “n” channel
Trim FunctionConfigurable and available for all channels
Data SavingConfiguration import and export
PC IndependentYes, stand-alone unit
Power input5 VDC | 2.5 A
EnclosureBlack anodized aluminium
CustomizableExpandable on request




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