Veronte Control Stations

Veronte Control Stations PCS is an advanced ground station system optimized for the control of any Veronte Autopilot-powered vehicle. It contains all the necessary components for performing a wide range of operations with UAVs and other unmanned vehicles. The Veronte Autopilot 1x unit together with the internal radio and the advanced GNSS antenna enables control station precise navigation and communications with the onboard unit.

Veronte PCS is a rugged control station hardware designed for outdoors use. The aluminium enclosure with IP54 protection allows the operation of the system in all weather conditions by protecting the electronics from rain and harsh environments.




Certification Datapack


Multiple Connections


Power Supply Battery


UAV & Other Vehicles


High Precision

Dual GNSS module included

Advanced Performance

Wide range of drone & unmanned vehicles

Real-time corrections

Internal barometer for altitude corrections

Advanced Performance Control Station

Advanced Performance Control Station
Embedded Veronte Autopilot 1x provides advanced performance for a wide range of Drone & unmanned vehicle missions. Dual GNSS module is included in the Veronte PCS enabling RTK - DGPS precision without needing the installation of additional hardware. This dual GPS system together with the internal IMU and magnetometer provides RTK based precise control station position and attitude estimation. With this, net landing, tracking antenna system control, landing in vessels and moving vehicles, etc. can be performed ensuring high precision. The internal barometer permits to perform real-time altitude corrections for QNH and to enable differential barometer precision in the Veronte Autopilot.


Veronte PCS includes 3 different communication ports for performing the ground station connection to the control station PC: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB. This flexibility permits the user to adapt system configuration to their operation needs. In situations where the operator needs freedom of movement, the WI-FI connection is recommended. Ethernet and USB connections are commonly used for operations in which the operator will remain away from the communications module or in which WI-FI communications must be limited, as in the military environment. It includes a power supply battery to operate without the need of a wired power source. This is an essential feature for outdoor operations permitting to have a quick response system adaptable to any requirement that the operator could have.

Multiple connections

Wifi, Ethernet and USB

Powerful Autonomy

Power supply battery included

System flexibility

Quick response system to any requirement


Embedded Hardware

Veronte Autopilot 1x, battery, communications...


IP54 compliant protection


Compliance with DO178C, DO254, DO160

Customizable Expansion Bay

Customizable Expansion Bay

Besides the embedded hardware (Veronte Autopilot 1x, WIFI communications, high-performance battery…) the expansion bay allows to install additional electronics and equipment inside the IP54 compliant protection. This bay includes communication ports so installed hardware can interface with PCS electronics & control station PC.

Video communication modules and joystick receivers are commonly installed on the 360x160x90mm bay. This bay provides the flexibility needed by most UAV, drone and unmanned vehicle operators so they can adapt system performance to their custom needs. Ethernet, PPM,… ports are accessible inside the expansion bay for customizing UAV control station performance.



Compliance with DO178C, DO254, DO160

Easy Connections

Additional sticks and buttons can be easily connected

Advanced control

Allows to program automatic rutines

High-Reliability Ground Control Station

High-Reliability Ground Control Station

The embedded Veronte Autopilot 1x hardware provides the control station with certifiable software in compliance with DO178 & DO254 up to DAL B.  It permits to control the drone and program automatic and manual failsafe routines even in the event of losing the main control station computer.

Additional sticks and buttons can be easily connected to the Veronte PCS control station and configured to trigger specific routines. A 2h backup battery is also included in the Veronte PCS.


Veronte Ecosystem

Wide compatibility with Veronte products


Robust protection

Certification Documents

Design, testing and manufacturing reliability evidences

Wide Compatibility With Veronte Products

Wide Compatibility With Veronte Products

Veronte PCS combines perfectly with Veronte MCS. This dual screen control station has been designed for operations in outdoor use. This station includes high-performance screens with antiglare treatment so it can be used in the harshest environments. Veronte PCS will complement this station by adding the Veronte Control Station electronics and the communications interface.

Veronte Tracker is the preferred solution for long-range communications. Permitting to install a wide range of antennas, the Veronte Tracker system permits to have a fully autonomous directional antenna pointing. Veronte PCS can be easily attached to the Veronte Tracker for performing antenna control. Using Veronte PCS navigation and positioning to accurately point the directional antenna to the UAV or the Drone.

EnclosureAnodized aluminium | IP54 Waterproof | Plastic frames
Weight 4.5 kg PCS unit | 5.7 kg mast
Temperature range (No convection)-20 to 60ºC
Transport caseRugged hard plastic, wheeled
RF connectors WIFI | LOS | GNSS | Aux


PCS DC input14 to 24V DC
PCS power30W (w/o radio) | Up to 80W (with radio)
Power supply AC input280W | 180-264 VAC 50-60 Hz
Battery typeLiFePO4
Battery capacity10 Ah
Battery operation time2 hours typically (depending on version)
Wifi2.4GHz and 5GHz configurable Wifi output
RF1 and RF2 Frequencies400MHz, 900MHz or 2.4GHz (depending on version)
RF1 and RF2 Impedance50 Ohm
GNSS 1Integrated GNSS antenna. 40dB Gain
GNSS 2SMA female connector
Expansion bay I/ORS232 | CAN bus | Ethernet | GPIO | Power
Peripheral I/OCAN | PWM | PPM | ADCs | I2C
Expansion bay power outputs3.3V/5A, 5V/5A, 12V/5A and 24V/5A


Veronte PCS Control Station


Veronte PCS Datalink Kit A (SDL24 2.4GHz – 1W – TM/TC)


Veronte PCS Datalink Kit B (SDL09 900MHz – 1W – TM/TC)


Veronte PCS Datalink Kit C (SDL04 400MHz – 1W – TM/TC)


Veronte PCS Datalink Kit D (DT 2.4GHz – 5W – Video & TM/TC)



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