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PCS Pole

  • Embedded Veronte Autopilot
  • Advanced GNSS Antenna
  • Expansion Bay
  • Long Endurance Battery
  • 3m Mast Included
Veronte PCS is an advanced ground station system optimized for the control of any Veronte Autopilot powered vehicle. It contains all the necessary components for performing a wide range of operations with UAVs and other unmanned vehicles. The embedded Veronte Autopilot BCS unit together with the internal radio and the advanced GNSS antenna enables control station precise navigation and communications with the onboard unit.

Advanced Performance Control Station

The advanced design of the Veronte PCS includes all necessary equipment for the most demanding operations. Conceived as a light and compact system, it installs control station electronics in a robust waterproof enclosure. The installation on a telescopic mast makes possible to place communication antennas at great heights, improving the datalink range and reducing interferences due to the ground and surrounding obstacles.Embedded Veronte Autopilot BCS provides advanced performance for a wide range of Drone & unmanned vehicle missions. Dual GNSS module is included in the Veronte PCS enabling RTK - DGPS precision without needing the installation of additional hardware. This dual GPS system together with the internal IMU and magnetometer provides RTK based precise control station position and attitude estimation. With this, net landing, tracking antenna system control, landing in vessels and moving vehicles, etc. can be performed ensuring high precision. The internal barometer permits to perform real-time altitude corrections for QNH and to enable differential barometer precision in the Veronte Autopilot.The Veronte PCS includes 3 different communication ports for performing the ground station connection to the control station PC: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB. This flexibility permits the user to adapt system configuration to their operation needs. In situations where the operator needs freedom of movement, the WI-FI connection is recommended. Ethernet and USB connections are commonly used for operations in which the operator will remain away from the communications module or in which WI-FI communications must be limited, as in the military environment.It includes a power supply battery to operate without the need of a wired power source. This is an essential feature for outdoor operations permitting to have a quick response system adaptable to any requirement that the operator could have.

Customizable Expansion Bay

Besides the embedded hardware (Veronte Autopilot BCS, WIFI communications, high-performance battery…) the expansion bay allows to install additional electronics and equipment inside the IP66 compliant protection. This bay includes communication ports so installed hardware can interface with PCS electronics & control station PC.Video communication modules and joystick receivers are commonly installed on the 360x160x90mm bay. This bay provides the flexibility needed by most UAV, drone and unmanned vehicle operators so they can adapt system performance to their custom needs. Ethernet, PPM, SBUS… ports are accessible inside the expansion bay for customizing UAV control station performance.

High-Reliability Ground Control Station

The embedded Veronte Autopilot BCS hardware provides the control station with certifiable software in compliance with DO178 & DO254 up to DAL B. This control station system ensures a high-reliability interface in the ground without needing to rely on a PC powered by a commercial OS (Windows, Linux, MAC…). It permits to control the drone and program automatic and manual failsafe routines even in the event of losing the main control station computer.Additional sticks and buttons can be easily connected to the Veronte PCS control station and configured to trigger specific routines. Some common routines that can be activated are: go home, go to the nearest safety landing point, activate parachute, change the mission path…A backup battery is also included in the Veronte PCS. This battery provides 3h endurance so the drone operator can safely finish the mission in case the main control station power source is lost.

Embedded Control Station for Drones & UAVs

All needed equipment for high performance and safe drone operations is included with the Veronte PCS:
  • Veronte Autopilot BCS: Embedded Veronte electronics provides a high-reliability interface between the unmanned vehicle, the PC, the joystick and any other operator interface. It includes dual sensors (GNSS, IMU, barometer, magnetometer…) so control station positioning and attitude are precisely calculated during the operation. It enables operations in complex environments and to set Drone missions relative to the control station unit (i.e. surveillance flights surrounding a vessel in movement).
  • Datalink: The communications module installed in Veronte Autopilot BCS permits to transmit telemetry and telecommand between the drone and the control station unit trough LOS or 4G. Furthermore, the expansion bay permits to install a video link or a joystick receiver so all communication modules are enclosed in the same device. Satcom modules are also compatible with Veronte PCS.
  • Battery: The embedded battery provides a long endurance operation without needing to connect it to an external power source. It can be used as the main power source or it can be used as a backup system in case the main battery source fails.
  • Communications: Ethernet, WI-FI and USB communications are available for interfacing the PCS with a Control Station PC or with a control station network. The communications port also includes extended interfaces (RS232, RS485, CAN Bus, PWM, etc.) for the connection of any auxiliary device such as catapults, tracking antennas, weather stations…
  • Mast: Veronte PCS is supplied together with a telescopic mast that can be extended up to 3m. This foldable pole permits to install datalink antennas at a reasonable height so obstacles can be avoided for enhancing the LOS (Line Of Sight) communications.
All this within a compact black enclosure with IP66 protection and the reduced size of 360x160x90 mm

Wide Compatibility With Veronte Products

Veronte PCS combines perfectly with Veronte MCS. This dual screen control station has been designed for operations in outdoor use. This station includes high-performance screens with antiglare treatment so it can be used in the harshest environments. Veronte PCS will complement this station by adding the Veronte Control Station electronics and the communications interface.Veronte Tracker is the preferred solution for long-range communications. Permitting to install a wide range of antennas, the Veronte Tracker system permits to have a fully autonomous directional antenna pointing. Veronte PCS can be easily attached to the Veronte Tracker for performing antenna control. Using Veronte PCS navigation and positioning to accurately point the directional antenna to the UAV or the Drone.At Embention we have been developing systems for UAVs and unmanned aircrafts for more than 10 years. We work daily to enhance our products based on our experience and customer feedback. If you need a customized solution do not hesitate to contact us.
Weight5.2 kg
Mast Weight6.2 kg
Mast Altitude1.5 -3.15 m
Robust DesignIP66 | High performance & strict design standards
Temperature-40 to 65ºC
Expansion Bay IO10-14V, 5V, RS232, PPM, SBUS, Ethernet
Power Input18-24V
Provided Power Source85-264 VAC In / 24 VDC Out  / 280W
Power100W (w/o user bay electronics)
Datalink OptionsTM/TC: 400MHz, 900MHz, 2.4GHz, TM/TC/VIDEO: 2.4
GNSSEmbedded antenna | SMA external | antenna connector
PC CommunicationsUSB | Wi-Fi | Ethernet
IO ConnectorPWM, RS232, RS485, Analog input, CAN, 12C, EQUEP
CoreEmbedded Veronte Autopilot BCS
EnclosureReinforced glass fiber | Black

PCS Pole

Veronte PCS Control Station (w/o LOS Datalink) V2.1


Veronte PCS Control Station (Datalink MH 900MHz - 10W - Video & TM/TC) V2.1


Veronte PCS Control Station (Datalink MH 2.4GHz - 10W - Video & TM/TC) V2.1


Veronte PCS Control Station (Datalink DT 2.4GHz - 5W - Video & TM/TC) V2.1



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