Drone camera Gimbal 10z

Drone camera Gimbal 10z is a gyro-stabilized video capture equipment with high precision capabilities. Integrated encoder sensors keep the camera stabilized, regardless of vehicle movements, and with a high degree of accuracy.

The integrated dual camera includes a visible HD camera with up to 10x optical zoom and an IR Flir camera. In addition, the embedded video processing system allows on-board image processing, thus minimizing response time.


HD Visible Camera


IR Camera


Light and Compact


10x Optical Zoom


Video Processing


RGB Camera

HD camera with 10x optical zoom

IR Camera

Flir camera for night operation

Gyro Stabilization

Precision stabilization

Dual Camera


The high resolution camera built into the camera Gimbal 10z has image enhancement systems to ensure a high degree of sharpness in the image. In addition, the built-in 10x optical zoom enables surveillance at long distances.

For night operation or in low light conditions, Veronte Gimbal 10z includes an IR Flir camera. This camera allows you to operate any drone or autonomous vehicle without the need to replace cameras between day and night.


Video Processing


Veronte Gimbal 10Z includes an on-board video processing card. A unique, high-performance option for any professional UAV operation. In communications with the Veronte Autopilot, it enables advanced functionalities such as autonomous flight following a designated objective.

Some of the most significant functionalities that Veronte Gimbal 10Z has, thanks to the embedded video processing technology, are Geotagging, Target Tracking, Geolocation and Fly By Camera. These functions are performed on board to minimize response time and avoid dependency on datalink.


Identification of the coordinates of a point

Target Tracking

Track a designated target


Pointing to given coordinates


Aiming Precision


The aiming system uses high resolution encoders for stabilization and aiming of the camera. This system, together with Veronte GIM3 control electronics, provides unique precision when targeting or georeferencing a point on the ground.

Camera Gimbal 10z has a remarkable level of quality and usability. This system is developed according to the existing quality standards in the professional and military UAV sector. Its small size and lightness allow it to be installed in any autonomous vehicle.


Video Processing

Dual camera

Gyro Stabilization



High quality robust system

Easy Installation

Quick mounting with vibration isolation


Compatible with all types of vehicles

Easy Installation


Drone camera Gimbal 10z is a high-quality and easy-to-install device, designed to be used in unmanned aerial vehicles or professional drones. It can be assembled both in land vehicles and in any vehicle, fixed wing, multi rotor, helicopter, VTOL, etc.

To take full advantage of the Veronte Gimbal 10Z’s performance, it is recommended to install it together with the Veronte Autopilot 1x system. Installation with third-party systems is also possible, having the Embention support team to assist in the integration.



Borders or perimeter


Visual documentary source


Society and environment

Gimbal for Drone


Once the camera Gimbal 10z has been installed in the aerial vehicle, this camera becomes a fundamental tool in the development of inspection tasks in various fields. Border control or perimeter footage in military fields or cartographic tasks that require a visual documentary source.

This can also include the optimization of means in bodies and Ministries of Defense or the conservation and protection of the environment. Also the flora and fauna in reserves, centers, protected areas and even in areas difficult to access for the human eye or law enforcement bodies.

Horizontal field of view6.9º to 58.2º (EO) / 16º (IR)
Slew rate
 180º / 375 milliseconds
Elevation-80º to 260º
Azimuth 360° continuous
Stabilization precision12 urad resolution encoders
Image stabilisationHigh-speed encoder-controlled gimbal  | 17bit – 0.00275º Resolution
Image size720p – 30 FPS (EO) /320 x 256 9Hz (IR)
Sensor1/3-type CMOS (EO) / Uncooled Vox microbolometer (IR)
Infrared spectrum7.5-13.5μm
Thermal sensitivityNEdT <50mK
Zoom10x optical (EO) / 8x Digital image enhancing (IR)
Optical aperture sizeF/1.8-3.4 (EO)
Focal length3.3-33mm (EO) / 13.8mm (IR)
Weight / Size980g / 131x120x110mm
InterfacesCan Bus Control / IP video
Power input24 VDC (18 to 26 VDC) | 24W (72W max.)
 Artificial visionTarget tracking, Moving obstacle detection, Video stabilization…


Drone camera Gimbal 10z

Veronte Gimbal 10Z SC


Veronte Gimbal 10Z


Veronte Gimbal 10Z Retraction Mechanism



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