UAV package delivery programs are arising worldwide, but for now, most of them have had limited success. The development of such programs involves several difficulties in order to ensure the safety and reliability required for operations over populated areas.

DroneTech’s Pelican, in its hybrid fixed-wing VTOL full-electric configuration, can deliver packages up to 11 pounds, and fly for 1.6 hours with a  42 kg (92 lb) Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW). The Pelican could complete three delivery trips with one battery charge. It can perform fully automated package deliveries in different modes, like a ground landing; a low-height drop from ashore to a moving ship, or in a ship-to-ship mode.

The Pelican is the most reliable, flexible, and practical UAV on the market for delivery applications. It has a twin-engine configuration with other redundant critical systems. It can be scaled up or down. It can be configured with electrical or gas engines. It can adapt optimally to different payload weight and size requirements, and it can perform all the take-off and landing modes, like: A.- Horizontal with up to 18 hours of flight time, B.- Vertical and, C.- Moving platform operation with up to 9 hours of flight time. It’s high wind resistant, proven at 27 knots, and it has a smart autopilot among other features.

A single Veronte Autopilot unit is used in the Pelican hybrid fixed-wing UAV to provide autonomous flight capabilities. The aircraft’s construction includes not only the VTOL configuration but also fixed-wing landing gear. It offers the versatility to take off and land autonomously in both VTOL configuration and using a runway (HTOL).

These features, including proprietary flight control software running on Embention’s Veronte autopilot, allows DroneTech to aim for market share not only for the upcoming aerial package delivery, but also for the people mover segment of the e-VTOL urban air mobility (UAM) market.

About Embention :Technology company with fifteen years of experience and leader in the autonomous vehicles industry opens its doors to software developers for the development of avionics, critical components and high performance software for UAS (UAVs, drones, eVTOL, etc) according to aerospace certification standards. Embention is formed by a team of 50 professionals of which 40 are engineers of multiple specialities making it possible to work with more than 500 customers in more than 70 countries

About Dronetech: Unmanned aircraft manufacturer and developer of intelligent flight autonomy software. It has registered patents being the only manufacturer of twin-engine fixed-wing drones with vertical take-off mode convertible to horizontal take-off (UAV eVTOL). The aeronautical technology startup from San Antonio, Texas, has successfully demonstrated a fully automated, consistently safe, and precise package delivery on a moving platform.