Embention is part of the Advisory Committee of the AESA

Embention is part of the Advisory Committee of the AESA Center of Excellence

Guessing the future has never been an easy task for mankind, and although the possibility of unmanned aircraft systems began to be considered at the dawn of the 1980s, no one could have foreseen the exponential growth of this sector.

AESA’s R&D&I white paper identified several challenges on which unmanned aviation should focus its efforts, in order to give continuity to the work of the Center of Excellence in identifying research, development and innovation needs and priorities in Spain.

Today, by joining the efforts of the aviation sector and the new technologies sector, we may be on the verge of a new revolution. AESA aims to try to glimpse what should be the future challenges of research, development and innovation that will lead Spain to the leadership of one of the sectors with more future in the current technological landscape. 

Embention thus becomes, as a leading supplier of drone components, part of the Advisory Committee of the State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA) to participate in identifying the challenges and steps to follow to carry out this process. These are some of the most outstanding ones: 

  • Analyzing human factors and adapting the operating environment to enable social acceptability.
  • Implementing appropriate regulation that meets the expectations of the unmanned aircraft sector.
  • Management of unmanned operations in all types of airspace.
  • Improve the understanding of human factors in unmanned aviation and human-machine interface with a global scale approach.
  • Develop a comprehensive safety risk analysis of RPAS operations to establish the requirements that all elements of the system must meet, as well as their validation and homologation procedures.
  • Development of disruptive technologies to create an ecosystem that favors technology transfer to companies. 

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