Embention and LuftCar sign a cooperation agreement to promote air mobility

LuftCar develops modular, multi-purpose road and air mobility vehicles designed for regional transport connecting urban and rural areas within a 300-mile radius. Embention, a leading supplier of autopilots and critical components for eVTOL, develops high-performance systems in accordance with aircraft certification standards. The two companies have joined forces and agree to cooperate to bring a fully autonomous eVTOL air mobility vehicle to the market.

In the cooperation agreement, both companies commit to realize a plausible roadmap for the full autonomy of the LuftCar eVTOL aircraft, including entry into service and in-service support (made possible by Veronte Autopilot) and outline a plausible flight test programme to support the above.

Veronte Autopilot, which is compatible with all types of autonomous vehicles and provides the reliability required for air vehicle certification, will be linked to the LutfCar, which being hydrogen-powered would give customers the freedom to FLY over long distances, with a maximum speed of 220 mph and at an altitude of 4,000 feet.

The companies’ joint action is expected to bring about a significant change in the transport of people in air and ground mobility, thanks to the synergies that can be generated between Embention’s highly reliable products and expertise and LuftCar’s innovative and futuristic vision and concept. With this cooperation, the climate change problem could be tackled by providing two-in-one autonomous air and road mobility vehicles powered by hydrogen and batteries to help drivers navigate quickly through cities and between cities with zero emissions.

About Embention:

Embention is a Spanish company dedicated to the development of autopilots and critical systems for UAVs and eVTOLs. Founded in 2007, it has 60 employees specialized in the field of autonomous vehicle control.

The company is involved in more than 500 projects internationally, supporting not only logistics applications but also surveillance, aerotaxis and mapping missions among others.

About LuftCar:

LuftCar is a US-based company developing autonomous hydrogen-powered eVTOL air mobility vehicles for intercity and urban travel. The vehicles are expected to fly autonomously up to 300 miles and 4000 feet altitude and 220 mph top speed. The road vehicle part is also expected to drive autonomously up to 150 miles.