UAS & RPAS integration and maintenance service

In Embention we develop both high reliability components and complete unmanned systems. In this line of work it is possible to adapt our technology and expertise to any specific requirements.Our technical staff is trained for the design and integration of any unmanned vehicle: fixed wing planes, helicopters, multirotors, boats, cars, etc. We put at your disposal our expertise in the field of unmanned vehicles for fulfilling your requirements. Among our services we offer autopilot integration within your system and custom aircraft or vehicle development.

UAS & RPAS integration and maintenance service

Integration & Custom Developments

In case your UAV or autonomous vehicle is already designed and built we provide support for the integration of the control system. We offer different levels of support for autopilot integration. With the remote support it is possible to receive the autopilot tuned in the HIL simulator and ready for installation in the vehicle.

If you prefer us to perform the whole integration in your aircraft it is also possible. Our team will define the wiring, install the autopilot in the aircraft or other unmanned platform and will perform first autonomous operations and flights for fine tuning of the control system. With this option you will receive the system ready for operation.

We also offer complete system development. If you do not have a platform for your application or you are still working in the design we offer support services and custom aircraft developments. Our technicians will assist you with the design and discuss with you some recommendations for vehicle optimization for your specific operation and performance goal.

In case you are looking for a complete system development, just let us know your requirements. Our engineers will design and manufacture the complete system according to your needs so you can receive it ready for operation.

Please contact our team for defining the needs of your custom UAV or unmanned vehicle. We will design it. If preferred, just let us know the desired performance for your aircraft and we will configure and install the autopilot on your vehicle.

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