Drone, UAV & RPAS Preconfigured Systems

Embention develops customized UAS & RPAS systems according to specific end-user requirements, including complete autopilot and payload integration for the delivery of a Ready To Fly (RTF) professional drone system.

At Embention we develop both high-reliability components and complete drone systems and UAVs. Our company collaborates with more than 500 drone & part manufacturers, having the capacity to meet all kind of requirements for a custom made drone system.

Our staff is trained for the design and integration of any kind of autonomous vehicle: fixed-wing, helicopter, multirotor, boats, cars, etc. We put at your disposal our expertise in the field of unmanned vehicles for fulfilling your customized UAV requirements.

UAS & RPAS integration and maintenance service

Customized Drone Development

In case you are looking for custom made Ready To Fly drone system development, just let us know your requirements. Our engineers will design and manufacture the customized UAV system according to your needs so you can receive it ready for operation.

The Embention team will choose the appropriate drone platform and payloads in order to fulfill your requirements or will design a complete new tailored autonomous vehicle for you. All our systems are delivered fully assembled and tested so you receive a professional RTF solution.

Experts In Drone Customization & Development

Embention collaborates with hundreds of professional drone and component manufacturers for providing support for customized drone development.

  • Engineering team with deep experience in drone integration and tuning.
  • Work team for defining the appropriate equipment for drone installation.
  • Aircraft engineers for designing the appropriate drone platform.
  • Extensive support from customers having hundreds of RTF drones that can be used.
  • Laboratories, ground testing and flight test facilities for drone testing.
  • Payloads for surveillance, mapping, spraying, and other applications.