Veronte Tracking Antennas

  • Pan & tilt precise positioning
  • Configurable height tripod
  • Detachable & easy to carry
  • Yagi, patch & parabolic antennas
  • Integrated directional y omnidirectional antenna

Long Range Communications

Veronte Tracking Antenna T28 is a high-performance tracking antenna specifically designed for the most demanding applications. The system can install any directional antenna (yagi, parabolic grid or patch antenna) for maximizing system operation capabilities. Embedded control actuators and installed precision encoders permit to automatically point the antenna with unique accuracy. Height and orientation given to the antenna make the Veronte Tracker T28 the perfect tracking system for long-range operations.

Being one of the most advanced tracking antenna systems for moving vehicles (Drones, UAVs, UASs, RPASs, UGVs, USVs), the Veronte Tracker T28 can install both, telemetry and video radio modules, for long-range missions covering ranges above the 200Km.

Flexible Configurations

System design has been focused to develop a highly flexible product compatible with custom radio configurations for long-range operations. The system is available in four antenna configurations: 400MHz, 900MHz, 2.4 GHz or custom. This tracking antenna system is ready for the installation of any kind of antennas (Yagi, Patch or Parabolic) for achieving long-range telemetry and video communications in operations with drones, UAVs or any other moving vehicle.

The dual antenna system includes directional and omnidirectional antennas in the tracking antenna system. It is used for obtaining the best operational performance, using the omnidirectional antenna for short-range operations and the directional one for tracking the UAV vehicle when it operates at high distances.

The tracking antenna system includes a user bay so custom radio modules and amplifiers can be installed in a protected enclosure. It makes the Veronte Tracker T28 compatible with any operating frequency: 400MHz, 868MHz, 900MHz, 1.2GHz, 1.8GHz, 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz or any other as permission requirement.

Detachable & Portable

The tracking antenna system is detachable in three parts for easy transportation and storage. The main pointing head includes the motors and power management meanwhile the Veronte Control Station PCS includes all sensors needed for accurately positioning the tracking antenna system. The robust extensible tripod is also detachable so the Veronte Tracker T28 system can be stored in 3 parts, together with the antennas. Carrying cases are provided within the system for easy transport.

An extendable mast of 3.5m height is included with the tracking antenna so the antennas are positioned at high altitudes during the operation. It permits to enhance the VLOS (Visual Line Of Sight) between the tracking antenna system and the Drone or the moving vehicle so the operational range is extended. On fixed stations, it is also possible to replace the extendable mast by a fixed pole.

Embedded Sensors

Veronte Control Station PCS module is used for the operation of the Veronte Tracker T28. This device includes all sensors needed for positioning the tracking antenna system (dual GNSS, triple IMU, dual barometer, magnetometer...). All these sensors make possible to automatically estimate the position and attitude of the tracking antenna system for giving an accurate pointing to the moving vehicle.

The dual GNSS permits to use GNSS based attitude estimation on the tracking antenna system, using the two multi-constellation (GPS, GLONASS & BeiDou) receivers with RTK technology for positioning the tracking antenna system. Furthermore, the Veronte Tracker T28 includes high precision encoders for accurate pointing of the antennas. It gives enhanced precision and robustness to the antenna pointing system, making it suitable for high demanding operations and for operations from moving stations and close to electromagnetic fields which could interfere with the magnetometers.

Embedded Veronte Control Station PCS system makes the tracking antenna a plug and play system, just connect the Veronte Tracker T28 to the Veronte Control Station PCS and activate the tracking module in order to get the best performance of the system. The tracking antenna is fully compatible with Veronte Autopilot for moving target tracking. It makes the device perfect for long-range video and telemetry communications.

Advanced  Control

Veronte Tracker T28 is fully compatible with the  Veronte Autopilot system. The tracking antenna module will automatically point the antennas to the position and altitude of the UAV or the moving vehicle controlled by Veronte Autopilot. For this, the Veronte Tracker T28 uses the drone telemetry obtained in the Ground Control Station for pointing the antennas.

This advanced tracking antenna system is also compatible with third-party systems, for this, two different operation modes can be enabled. Embention offers and onboard tracking system that can be installed in the aircraft for obtaining the vehicle position information needed for tracking. When using the onboard tracking module, and RS232 communications channel must be enabled between the drone and the tracking antenna system.

In cases in which an additional module is not needed, users can have access to the Veronte VCP, this communications protocol permits to control the tracking antenna from any external software using user-defined vehicle positioning or antenna attitude commands for pointing the antennas. Assisted manual control is also available from the joystick or from Veronte Pipe software so the operator can manually point the tracking antenna.

Robust Construction & Harsh Environments

The Veronte Tracker T28 is built using anodized aluminum and stainless steel materials and has been intensively tested in the most demanding environments. The rugged construction makes it suitable for civil and military operations in harsh environmental conditions. The advanced positioning in the tracking antenna permits to install it in both, fixed stations and moving vehicles such as vessels.

Tracking System
ControlCAN Bus | Ethernet | USB | PPM
Control Modes

Plug & Play with Veronte Autopilot equipped vehicles

Optional onboard module available for compatibility with 3rd party systems

VCP communication protocol available

Antenna Options

400-470MHz: 12 dBi (yagi) & 3.3 dBi (omnidirectional)

902-928 MHz: 14 dBi (yagi) & 3 dBi (omnidirectional)

2400MHz-2500MHz: 27 dBi (parabolic grid) & 4 dBi (omnidirectional)

Others: Custom yagi, path or parabolic antennas

Datalink RangeDepends on antenna and radio options. Ask for range estimation.
Positioning Sensors

(Veronte PCS required)

2x GNSS: GPS, Glonass, BeiDou (RTK based attitude estimation)

3x IMU: Accelerometer & gyroscope (3 axis)

1x Magnetometer (3 axis)

2x Barometer

Pointing Accuracy (Pan / Tilt) 0.00274658 º encoder resolution
MovementPan: 360º continuous movement (slip-ring) | Tilt 0º-90º
SpeedPan & Tilt: 3,5º/s
Torque26Nm / 19.17 ft·lb
Electrical & Mechanical
Power Input 12-36V (Max. 280W)
Power Adaptor (Included) 110-250VAC | 50/60 Hz
Height125 – 350 cm (with provided tripod)

Moving Head (w Veronte PCS): 41 Kg

Moving Head (w/o Veronte PCS): 36 Kg

Mast: 21 Kg


Moving Head (w Veronte PCS): 63x43x23 cm

Moving Head (w/o Veronte PCS): 63x43x14 cm

Mast (folded): 126 cm

MaterialAluminum with stainless steel fasteners
FinishBlack anodized
Waterproofness100% Relative humidity | Light rain
Temperature-15 to 50ºC
InstallationTripod or mast mount (optional)
Assembly time10 min
ApplicationStatic or moving systems (vessel, GCS, vehicle…)



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