Drone & eVTOL Certification

Certification and support for Drones / eVTOL / UAS / RPAS and all kinds of autonomous systems according to main international regulations & authorities: FAA, EASA, AESA, ENAC, DGAC…

Embention is a pioneering company in the field of certification for drones and eVTOL systems for UAM (Urban Air Mobility). The company has already been involved in several certification programs worldwide, working in different aspects of UAV certification.

Veronte Autopilot is developed under the DO178 & DO254 standards, being the core of the first RPAS issued with a type certificate in Europe and the core of the first drone to pass VVZ1 TC and VVZ2 TC with LufABw (Military Aviation Authorities) in Germany.

UAS RPAS certification service embention

Support For Drone Certification

Embention offers its experience in UAV, RPAS & eVTOL certification to support drone certification worldwide, dealing with main aviation authorities: FAA, EASA, AESA, ENAC, DGAC…

Our services cover not only the drone autopilot certification datapack but also providing support for complete system certification. Covering: documentation, certification management, meetings with aircraft authorities, test definition, test performance, evidence development, procedure identification and draft, operation and maintenance manuals drafting, defining risk assessments and bow ties, etc. Ask for discussing collaboration opportunities.

Close Support For Drone Certification

Embention is glad to share its experience for providing support for drone and eVTOL certification according to aircraft regulations.

  • Deep understanding of system certification procedures and requirements.
  • Experience with drone certification authorities working in certification programs worldwide.
  • Knowledge of STANAG, DO178 / ED12, DO254, DO160, MIL-STD-810 and other standards.
  • Dedicated team for drafting documentation for certification and means of compliance with regulations.
  • Experienced in MTBF, Bow Tie, failure rate and other reliability calculations.