Hexa eVTOL Lift Aircraft

Hexa eVTOL

Hexa is an eVTOL for people transport developed by Lift Aircraft.

Hexa system is developed by the Lift Aircraft team. Having their headquarters in Texas (US), their eVTOL solution for Urban Air Mobility is one of the pioneer systems performing manned flights with a full electric drone system for person transportation.Lift Aircraft is the first company worldwide to offer eVTOL vertical flight as an experience. “We believe everyone should be able to experience the thrill and magic of personal, vertical flight”. From the first steps, the whole system has been conceived to be extremely safe, user-friendly and intuitive. The high degree of reliability and automation in the system permits to operate it even without a pilot license.

4x Veronte Autopilot in Hexa

4x Veronte Autopilot is the core of the GNC (Guidance, Navigation, and Control) system in the Hexa multirotor. This high-performance redundant system is developed according to the DO178 & DO254 standards for onboard software and hardware. It permits to ensure the reliability in the system. It makes the flight safe, even in the event of a failure in one of the components. Safety is a must in manned flights for Urban Air Mobility (UAM).

Hexa eVTOL Lift Aircraft

In addition to the redundancy in the autopilot system. The aircraft has been designed with a unique architecture conformed by a redundant network managing eighteen independent rotors. This architecture makes the eVTOL fail-operational and the extensive network of sensors permits early failure detection, so an automatic fail-safe is quickly activated.The flexibility in 4x Veronte Autopilot permits to control the drone from the onboard sticks or from a control center in the ground. With this dual architecture, the control center can monitor the status of all the person transportation drones in real-time. Personnel in the control center are in charge of ensuring safety in the operation so they can command automatic actions. Such as go home, fly to a point, increase altitude or others. System operators in the control center can also override the onboard manual control from the on-ground joystick to ensure that all eVTOL pilots can enjoy a safe flight.

At Embention we are glad to collaborate with the Lift Aircraft team to speed up the integration of eVTOL systems in our daily solutions for Urban Air Mobility.

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