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Veronte UTM

  • Veronte Cloud based.
  • UAVs registration system.
  • Management tools for airspace authorities.
  • Geofencing definition.
UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management) is a key element in the development of the drone industry, RPAS or UAS, integrating the use of unmanned vehicles in the airspace through a global management system for the majority of applications.Veronte UTM is based on Veronte Cloud technology, so UAVs operations and missions can be managed from anywhere in the world. Through the integration of 4G connectivity in these UAVs, it becomes possible to control and monitor operations from the cloud. Besides, it is possible to enable connections with the cloud using traditional LOS radio systems through an internet connection in the control station. In this way, it is possible to receive real time information and telemetry from UAVs, permitting to monitor flights from a control center. Additionally, we can keep individual or simultaneous bidirectional communications with just one or many UAVs.On the other hand, Veronte Cloud database enables a register system that permits the user identification of every UAV logged in Veronte Cloud through a serial number, which allows authorities to have access to a single register of platforms and operators, as well as data from flights previously performed.Veronte UTM provides to authorities a superuser with airspace management capabilities. In order to properly let them manage the unmanned airspace, they are capable to autonomously perform tasks such as creating no-fly areas, approving flight plans, monitoring operations and reorienting airspace traffic.UAVs associated to Veronte UTM can easily know about no-fly areas created by authorities thanks to the Geofencing system. Flights will be totally forbidden in those areas, not being allowed any operation overflying them during the periods established as exclusion zones. In the same way, it is possible to define safe flight areas where operators will be able to perform any mission while not surpassing the defined limits.Veronte unmanned traffic management UTM is ready to be integrated with different drone operators through its API. This is a tool where they can exchange data with Veronte Cloud in order to use it with any compatible control system. In addition, it permits to automatically validate flight plans compliant with specific conditions; otherwise, flight plans would be communicated to authorities, who ultimately should permit or deny flight permissions.


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