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Veronte Avionics MEX stands as a powerful peripheral to ease the reduction of wire in autonomous vehicles at the time it allows to increase the number of devices in the system. It makes possible to relocate and to group sensors, actuators, payloads, motor controllers… enhancing the I/O connectivity in the Veronte Autopilot.

Veronte Avionics MEX includes a magnetometer, which detects direction and strength of a magnetic field, including the earthly field, which allows to obtain altitude and orientation references. With its easy integration, MEX becomes a quick solution for increasing connectivity capacity and allowing wiring optimization, especially in large systems.




Wiring Optimization


Redundant CAN bus


Extended I/O


Three-axis orientation




Operating Temperature

-40 to +85 ºC




Oriented in orthogonal directions to measure the X, Y, and Z vector components of a magnetic field, it uses magneto-inductive technology to measure differences in orientation. The geomagnetic sensor technology provides high resolution, low power consumption, large signal noise immunity, a large dynamic range, and, high sampling rates. The magnetometer measurements are sent through RS-232, RS-485 or CAN bus channels to other devices. The operating temperature is -40 to +85 ºC having stable measurements over temperature and being inherently free from offset drift. Veronte Avionics MEX is a drop-in replacement to Honeywell RM-2300, widely used in drones and other autonomous vehicles.


Dual CAN Bus communications

Enhanced Connectivity

Extended I/O interfaces

Advanced Control

Peripheral and actuators

Extended I/O

Extended I/O

With Veronte Avionics MEX, the data capacity for input and output in Veronte Autopilots or other devices is widely increased. The advanced design makes it possible to control or interface several peripherals (PWM, UART, RS232, RS485, Digital Output, I2C, Analog Inputs…) through a redundant  CAN bus.

It can be used for both, expanding the I/O in the system or to interface devices with weak signals trought a robust communications protocol. If needed, multiple Veronte MEX boards can be installed in the same network for increasing the number of I/O ports or because of system architecture needs.

MEX Variants

MEX Variants

Veronte MEX is designed for the installation on autonomous vehicles, being offered in two different versions: Veronte MEX and Veronte MEX OEM. The MEX version is protected by an enclosure made of anodized aluminium 6061-T6, being robust against vibration in the range of an industrial-grade product.

The Veronte MEX OEM version is smaller and lighter, but requires mechanical protection when installed. Veronte MEX OEM weighs only 50g, while the MEX version weighs 100 g. Both versions come with reverse polarity protection, ESD protection, and independent power supplies in order to ensure the robustness of the system.

Light Weighted

Wiring reduction and optimization


Resistance to electromagnetic interference

Large Vehicles

Long distance cables with no signal loss



Developed according to DO178C and DO254

Robust System

Built-in microcontroller for real-time monitoring

High Reliability

Designed for critical applications

Smart Can Isolator

Smart Can Isolator
The Smart CAN Isolator feature allows Veronte CEX to be used for CAN Bus network protection. It is designed for use in critical applications where a robust fault detection and isolation system is required. The hardware includes galvanic isolation as well as algorithms for message filtering and "babbling idiot failures" detection.The system has a built-in microcontroller that performs real-time monitoring of the CAN bus and, in the event of an anomaly or malfunction, disconnects the equipment, isolating it from the critical communications bus. Developed according to DO178C and DO254, the redundancy and isolation in the power supply of the system make it robust against failures.



DO178C / ED-12 and DO254 aviation design standards are followed during the Veronte MEX development. It permits ensuring the hardware and software reliability for eVTOL and UAV certification and for the installation on critical devices. In addition, DO160 and MIL-STD-810 test permits ensure robustness to adverse environmental conditions.

The robustness makes the system resistant to electromagnetic interference and permits the installation of long cables without signal loss. Furthermore, it includes redundancy with CAN bus isolation, making the system operational even in case of a CAN bus break of line. It can be used with Veronte SCI for extended CAN bus protection.

Redundant CAN Bus

Estable measurements

Galvanic Isolation


Redundant power input 2x  (6.5 – 36VDC) | Reverse Polarity Protection | ESD Protection | Independent supplies
Energy consumption3W
Magnetometer3 axis | 50 nT sensitivity | Magneto-inductive | HMR 2300 drop-in replacement
RobustStable and reliable over time and temperature | Radiation tolerant
CAN Bus2x isolated CAN busses | CAN termination resistor configurable by software
I2C1x I2C Digital Bus | Robust against ESD
PWM4x PWM 5VDC output signals with ESD Protection (IEC-61000-4-2, level 4), between 10 Hz to 10 kHz | Protection against short circuits
RS-2322x RS-232 buses for external devices | Protection against short circuits | Supports data rates between 9600 and 115200 bps | Robust against E SD
RS-4851x full-duplex RS-485 interface | Interface for external devices with RS-485 communication |Supports data rates between 9600 and 115200 bps | Robust against ESD
ECAP / EQEP2x digital ECAP 5V input signals | 2x digital input signals to support one EQEP (Enhanced Quadrature Encoder Pulse sensor)
Analog Inputs4x analog input signals (5V, 5V, 12V, 36V)
Safety1x Temperature sensor, with 0.5ºC resolution | VCP Communications
WeightVeronte MEX: 100g (with enclosure) | Veronte MEX OEM 50g (without enclosure)
SizeMEX Version: 83 x 38 x 19mm | MEX OEM Version:  78 x 31 x 12mm
CertificationDO178-C | DO254 | DO160
Rugged designRobust against vibration in the range of an industrial-grade product | Enclosure material Anodized-aluminum 6061-T6


Veronte MEX v1.5


Veronte MEX v1.5 OEM



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