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Gimbal 10Z

Gimbal 10Z
Gimbal 10Z
    • Small, light and compact
    • HD visible camera
    • High-quality thermal camera
    • Optical zoom x10
    • Target tracking, geotagging, geolocation…
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Veronte Gimbal 10Z is a photographic and video device that also has a motorized platform. This is controlled using integrated sensors, which keep the camera stabilized despite the movements of the vehicle or the platform where it has been installed.This feature is a fundamental device for capturing images in UAVs, RPAs, and other professional drones. Embention has therefore developed Veronte Gimbal, offering two different versions: Veronte Gimbal 10z and Veronte Gimbal 30Z.

Veronte Gimbal 10Z

This gimbal camera, easily installed on any platform or air vehicle, providing quality and usability with strictly high standards at the professional level.Veronte Gimba 10Z is a very light, compact device with a dual camera that will provide visible and thermic images, including video recording and onboard image processing. Applicable in the detection of people and vehicles, both day and night at great distances, static or moving.It incorporates features such as gyro-stabilization, RGB and infrared camera, precision encoders, artificial vision, optical zoom x10 and a compact size to adapt it with the greatest comfort and versatility.

In which vehicles can it be installed?

Veronte Gimbal 10Z is a high-quality device designed for use in unmanned aerial vehicles. Therefore it can be assembled on any vehicle, fixed wing, multirotor, helicopter, VTOL, etc... But Veronte Gimbal can be used in other vehicles or devices, e.g. land type.However, in order to take full advantage of the performance of Veronte Gimbal 10Z, it is recommended to use it as a module of a UAV, RPA, Drones or different types of aerial supports.

What uses does Veronte Gimbal 10Z allow?

Once Veronte Gimbal 10Z has been installed in the air vehicle, this camera is a fundamental tool in the performance of various inspection tasks: Frontier control or perimeter, in military areas or cartographic tasks that require a visual document-based source.This may also include the improvement of equipment in defense forces, even the conservation, and protection of natural environment. Also flora and fauna reserves, centers, protected zones and even in difficult access areas for the human or civil order.


Veronte Gimbal permits different configurations depending on the required cameras.
Veronte Gimbal 1oZ
HD EO camera with x10 optical zoom Flir IR camera with 320x256 resolution
Veronte Gimbal 10Z SC
HD EO camera with x10 optical zoom
On the other hand, it is convenient to consider the capacity of the cameras used by Veronte Gimbal in a real scenario. Down below it is shown a chart with the camera's capacity for detection, recognition, and identification, depending on the Veronte Gimbal version.
 Veronte Gimbal
Recognition1000 m80 m
Identification500 m40 m

Artificial vision and Video processing

Veronte Gimbal 10Z not only contains high-quality cameras stabilized and protected by the Embention's gimbal system but also includes an onboard video processing system. A unique and high-performance option for any professional operation, especially if used in conjunction with the Veronte Autopilot.Some of the most important features that Veronte Gimbal has because of embedded video processing technology and use of Veronte Autopilot are: 
Target tracking
Target tracking
The user selects a target on the screen and the system chases it through video processing.
The drone indicates the GPS position of detected or selected targets in the video.
The drone aims the camera to the indicated geographic coordinates.
The drone flies where the camera is aiming at, permitting to control the flight through the video.
Embention works every day to improve and widen its systems possibilities. Therefore, if you have any special need still not covered by our current solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us for any possible tailored development.

Veronte Gimbal 10Z
Horizontal Field of View6.9º to 58.2º (EO) / 16º (IR)
Slew rate
 180º / 375 milliseconds
Elevation-80º to 260º
Azimuth 360° continuous
Stabilization precision12 urad resolution encoders
Image StabilisationHigh-speed encoder-controlled gimbal  | 17bit - 0.00275º Resolution
Image Size720p – 30 FPS (EO) /320 x 256 9Hz (IR)
Sensor1/3-type CMOS (EO) / Uncooled Vox microbolometer (IR)
Infrared Spectrum7.5-13.5μm
Thermal SensitivityNEdT <50mK
Zoom10x optical (EO) / 8x Digital image enhancing (IR)
Optical Aperture SizeF/1.8-3.4 (EO)
Focal Length3.3-33mm (EO) / 13.8mm (IR)
Weight / Size980g / 131x120x110mm
InterfacesCan Bus Control / IP video
Power Input24 VDC (18 to 26 VDC) | 24W (72W max.)
 Artificial VisionTarget Tracking, Moving obstacle detection, Video stabilization…


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