Just 8 months ago we introduced our new range of Veronte products, making easier to select the most adapted avionic system to our needs, our operation and, especially, to our UAS. In addition, only 3 months ago we showed a previous evolution of our Veronte Autopilot, with which we were able to have the most compact autopilot in the market. These news demonstrate that in Embention we are permanently in the vanguard of UAVs control systems, never stopping to invest resources on R&D. Due to our constant efforts, nowadays we can announce a great qualitative leap forward with our new hardware Veronte Autopilot.

Improvements of the new Veronte Autopilot

Here below we describe the improvements added on the new Veronte Autopilot:

  • Integration of dual barometer and IMU for a better performance and reliability.
  • Integration of a second GNSS module that allows the estimation of the attitude without magnetometer.
  • RTK positioning improved with an accuracy of centimeters thanks to the high performance GNSS module, with no need of extra hardware.
  • New robust and circular connector, providing a higher number of inputs and outputs.
  • New aluminum enclosure that provides waterproof protection IP67 and EMI / EMC isolation.
  • Smaller and lighter hardware: 45x35x53 mm and 60g (OEM).
  • Internal mechanic isolation for vibrations filtering.
  • New dual DSP embedded for a higher reliability and processing speed.
  • Dissimilar DSP for safety functions, managed through the FTS activation automatically or manually.
  • Increased precision due to sensors integration and improved navigational algorithms.
  • Redundant and independent powering input for the dual DSP and the dissimilar supervisor.
  • Redundant and persistent flash memory with a faster response and lower energy use.
  • M2M 4G communications module embedded, for communications with the aircraft through the internet.
  • Bigger number of communication ports E/S: Vin, PWM/GPIO, RS232, RS485, DIGIN, VOut, Deadman, CAN Bus, ADC, EQEP, I2C, UART, USB …

Besides, thanks to Veronte Cloud it is possible unmanned vehicles and UAVs in “Beyond Line of Sight” (BLoS) operations from any place in the world through the internet, as well as allowing to receive telemetry information and to monitor drone fleets on real time. All this makes the new Veronte Autopilot a key instrument for Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) systems.

Embention is going to exhibit at Xponential 2017 in the booth #932 next May 8th to 11th in Dallas (USA). There you will be able to know in detail the new Veronte Autopilot and its compatibility with any kind of platform such as UASs, UAVs, UGVs, USVs, UATs … You can also find more information of Veronte Autopilot through this link.