In September 2016 Embention announced its new line of Veronte Autopilots for UAVs, and it is now pleased to announce its newest and most compact autopilot design to the date. We must note that Veronte Autopilot is an aircraft control system capable of performing any kind of mission for professional use. Veronte Autopilot can control UAS, RPAS, USV, UGV, UAT, etc… being compatible with the characteristics of any kind of platforms. In the video it can be seen a brief overview of the capabilities of the system, in this link, there is more information of Veronte Autopilot.

With the new line of Veronte Autopilots we were able to discover the three new types of the simple autopilot, plus the triple redundant one. The three models are Economy, Advanced and Professional. It goes from the basic model to the high-performance equipment passing through an intermediate autopilot with advanced functionalities. More information of the new Veronte Autopilot line.

Advantages of a more compact autopilot

With the new design, dimensions have been reduced obtaining a more compact autopilot. So far, the size of Veronte Autopilot was 69x53x49mm (long x width x height), and now has been reduced to 68.38x48x36.5mm. The importance of small dimensions lies in that the autopilot can be integrated into any kind of UAV. This also helps to integrate easily on any aircraft so it does not affect the gravity center. All this, while maintaining the protection provided by the aluminum case for protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI).

After last Veronte Autopilot design update, it has passed of weighing 200g (90g OEM version) to 130g (70g OEM version). By optimizing autopilot weight permits to increase UAV payload, becoming differential in the case of smaller UAVs.

Comparison with other market options

On the next table there is a comparison of the most best-known UAV Autopilots in the market sorted by their size:

CloudCapPiccolo SL131x57x19mm141.87cm3110g
CloudCapPicolo II142×62.6x46mm408.90cm3200g

Data obtained from their respective web pages.

Based on this data it is possible to conclude that Veronte Autopilot is the most compact autopilot on the market, integrating: IMU, GPS receiver, RF radio modem, pressure sensors, … in an aluminum enclosure. However, in Embention we don’t stop working to optimize Veronte Autopilot performance, expanding its applications and compatibility with any vehicle: UAS, UAV, UGV, USV, UAT, etc…