After a decade developing electronic components and autopilots for UAS, Embention presents its improved Veronte Autopilots new line with increased performance hardware. This high reliability avionics system is compatible with all kinds of operations and applications. Being able to execute professional operations in the sector of mining, inspection of oil and gas pipelines, precision agriculture, crops management and inspection, wildlife and flora conservation, firefighting, resource management, surveying, construction and architecture, etc… Also, the system is compatible with all aircraft kinds and other unmanned systems such as boats, hybrid UAVs, fixed wing aircrafts, helicopters, USVs, UGVs, etc. All this with the Veronte Autopilot choice adapted to your needs.

Features of the new line of products Veronte Autopilot

Now, more than ever, it extremely easy to select an avionics system adapted to your needs. This Veronte Autopilots new line of products is divided in three models of single module autopilot and one with triple redundancy.

Veronte Autopilot Economy

This Autopilot is the cost effective solution in Veronte Autopilot family. Recommended for light and simple systems, providing professional performance at competitive prices. This control system permits to control any type of drone, such as UAVs, UGVs, USVs, UATs,… in both, autonomous way and manual modes. This version is available in a 90gr OEM version thus reducing both weight and cost. Read more

Veronte Autopilot Advanced

The advanced model is the Veronte Autopilot with the most balanced features in this new line of electronic components for autonomous vehicle control. This control system includes all professional features provided by Veronte Autopilot Economy, but also includes advanced features, such as, connection to Veronte Cloud, Situational Awareness, obstacle avoidance, etc. All this while maintaining highly competitive prices. Read more

Veronte Autopilot Professional

This model includes the most advanced configuration in the new line of Veronte Autopilots. This is the solution aimed to the most demanding professional operators and to the medium sized aircrafts. This control system includes features such as Sense & Avoid, adaptive control, RTK and RTCM, satcom compatibility, AES encryption, etc… Read more

New line of Veronte Autopilots products for UAS - Production

For applications where it is essential to maximize the safety and the realiability in the operation, Embention also has a version of its Veronte Autopilot including triple redundancy.

Redundant Veronte Autopilot

This version is for the most demanding operations, referring to both safety and functionalities. When our UAS exceed 25 Kg or installs high value payloads, safety and reliability becomes specially important. Aviation regulations also require from reliable failsafe avionic system for certain operations and for large size aircrafts. Therefore, Redundant Veronte Autopilot becomes the best choice for this kind of vehicles. Read more

The control of autonomous operations with Veronte Autopilot requires the integration of a Veronte module in the control station. This module permits to establish connection between the drone and the Veronte Pipe control software thanks to the long range radio module embedded in the Autopilot.

Veronte Autopilot CS (Control Station)

Veronte Autopilot CS embeds the electronics for control station. It permits to establish communications between our PC, tablet, etc… and our UAS. This model in the new line of Veronte Autopilots installs GPS and sensors for the operation from mobile platforms and for performing relative or “Follow Me” missions. Read more

For those professionals who seek for a development kit wherein perform the first integration of the autopilot in their drone and to have a safe simulation environment to test new developments and for practicing in the system management, we now have a development kit.

Veronte Autopilot Development Kit

This development kit is the best choice for users having their first flying experience with UAS or with the Veronte system. This kit consists of one Veronte Autopilot CS unit and one Advanced Veronte Autopilot. Including also the HIL Simulation kit and other components necessary for integration in the platform. With this kit it is possible to perform flight simulations with the same hardware and software used in the real flight. Read more