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Embention is positioned as a leading drone company being our core expertise the development of autopilots & components for UAVs and ready to fly drones for professional and military applications.

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About Us

Embention develops components and critical systems for drones and eVTOL. Founded in 2007, Embention started its activity with the development of forest firefighting systems. After winning several innovation awards Embention focused its activity in the UAV and UAM industry.

Our Values

We work daily to ENABLE DRONES TO POPULATE OUR SKIES. At Embention we believe in innovation and technological excellence as a differential factor. Some of our core values are:

• Strict validation & verification processes ensure the high quality in our products.

Continuous innovation and R&D policies to maintain our products as the state of the art.

Safety assurance according to DO160, DO178 / ED-12, DO254, Stanag 4703 & 4586 aircraft standards.

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We owe it to our team that Embention has become a benchmark in the development of autopilots and components for drones. All these years of effort have del Embention to become the leading drone company that it is today.

Our drone company has 60 workers, mainly engineers specialized in hardware, software and aircraft design. This technical team is segregated into independent development, production and testing teams for ensuring the reliability of our products.

Besides the office area, Embention has manufacturing areas for electronic and mechanical components, an aircraft integration facility and a private airfield. In addition, testing and production facilities include state of the art equipment such as a climate chamber, a vibration table, a calibration table, assembly stations …


Embention develops two main product lines including high-reliability drone components and ready to fly autonomous vehicles for professional use. Furthermore, our drone company collaborates with several partners for providing complete drone solutions including transponders, video transmitting, altimeters and other UAV components.

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Veronte is the division for high-performance components for autonomous vehicles (RPAS, UAV, UAS, USV, UGV), including autopilot, gimbal, tracking antenna, control station…


NM& team develops and customizes ready to fly drone solutions based on the drone systems from our customers and proprietary solutions.

Work With Us

Embention has a wide range of human and technological resources but the rapid growth of the drone industry and the company led us to continuously grow our team.

Our staff consists of a wide variety of profiles, mainly divided into the areas of software, hardware, mechanical engineering, production and integration support. At Embention we always seek excellence in each field with new vacancies and internships please don’t hesitate to send us your CV.

Internship: Drone design Engineer

Internship: Drone design Engineer

Leading company in the unmanned vehicle sector (UAV, UAS, RPAS), is looking for a design engineer student with passion for his field to be part of...

Integration and PDI Engineer

Integration and PDI Engineer

Embention is a leading company in the unmanned vehicle industry. We are selling our products to more than 400 customers in more than 70...

Full-Stack Software Developer

Full-Stack Software Developer

Leading company in the unmanned vehicle sector, specialized in UAVs, is looking for a “Software Developer” as part of its software team....

Drone design Engineer

Drone design Engineer

Leading company in the unmanned vehicle sector (UAV, UAS, RPAS), requires a Drone design Engineer that is part of our team. Functions: I+D...

Become A Distributor

Embention is a high-tech company in the drone and UAM industry. After a large investment in R&D, Embention is one of the leading drone companies worldwide and has a consolidated range of products which are in use in more than 70 countries.

We are seeking partners for supporting us with our international growth and to represent our products in their respective territories. A must-have for these companies is a solid infrastructure in the area for providing close commercial and technical support.

Invest In Embention

In order to continue growing and secure our leadership as in the drone and UAM (Urban Air Mobility) industries, Embention is open to new partners and investors.

Embention has reached many achievements: the core of the 1st RPAS issued with a Type Certificate in Europe, longest hover with a tethered system, hybrid VTOL-forward transitions with a single autopilot, first fully autonomous torque-roll and transition manoeuvres, first cloud-operated drone via 4G and many more to come from our visionary team.