The company Embention develops components and critical systems for UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems), also known as RPAS, and commonly called Drones. Our work is based on the daily innovation of our products, improving permanently their capabilities and performance.

Founded in 2007 and based in Alicante (Spain), Embention started its activity focused on the development of an autonomously guided firefighting bomb, Flamingo. This technology has been applied to the development of equipment for unmanned aircraft, and complete UAV / RPAS, being successfully installed in multiple projects. After winning several awards for innovation, Embention has become one of the references in the Unmanned Aircraft industry. We are currently involved in several collaborative projects for while continuing to work on our own developments.

Company values

At Embention, we focus our activities on the development of innovative products. The company applies military and last generation technologies to the unmanned platforms sector, developing autonomous systems for multipurpose applications.

The pursuit of this objective is accomplished while maintaining a set of values that drive the company such as:

  • Quality: our products follow a strict validation process to ensure the quality of all our systems.
  • R&D: the company makes large investments on research & development for continuously improving product portfolio.
  • Reliability: we use top quality components for ensuring product reliability and performance.
  • Safety: our products are developed following the strictest regulations on the aircraft industry: DO160, DO178 / ED-12, DO254, Stanag 4703 & 4586…
  • Environmental protection: our policies are to minimize the environmental impact of the company activities.


Embention develops two main product lines: Veronte, producing autopilots and equipment for unmanned systems, and NM&, developing ready to use unmanned platforms. Besides, the company collaborates with several partners for providing complete solutions including on the product portfolio: transponders, video transmitting, radar altimeters…

Veronte includes the high performance components division for unmanned platforms (RPAS, UAV, UAS, USV, UGV), including: autopilot, gimbal, tracking antenna, ground station, electronics,…

NM& is the platforms division on the company developing ready to use complete solutions, for applications such as: mapping, surveillance with visible and thermal cameras, logistics, agriculture, multispectral camera aerial monitoring, hobby drones,…

All these products are highly scalable and suitable for a wide variety of users, form amateur drones with basic configuration to high performance UAVs for professional applications.

Embention products are highly customizable for matching most demanding requirements on the industry. Moreover, our team is specialized in product customization and personalized developments, ask our team for custom solutions.


Embention has a wide range of resources, both human and technological. Our staff consists of a wide variety of profiles divided on the areas of: software, hardware, engineering, production and support. Staff that continues to grow because we always seek excellence in each field with new vacancies and internships.

As for the technical resources, Embention constantly perform large investments in last generation technologies, to ensure maximum efficiency in project development, with: 3D printing equipment, CNC, flight platforms,… These self-owned technologies are supported with strong partnerships with top manufacturers for: electronics manufacturing, composite material developments, plastic molding…

All these resources together provide the company with capacity for developing complete unmanned solutions and to customize the developed product for matching applications needs.