Embention keeps working continuously to be ahead in innovation, drones and UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) industry, getting improvements in autopilots and communication between them for a greater control and security in UAS.

We have already talked before about the fundamental role of UAV BLOS via satellite. Veronte is able to perform UAV BLOS operations (Beyond Line-Of-Sight) worldwide communications through a device.

Our software has worked until this moment with the architecture below:


Comunication between the aerial platform and the ground station is usually made by radio in the line of sight. If there was some coverage, it’s possible to use our cloud through the 4G module.

Without any type of coverage such as in oceans, deserts, etc. The conversation between both platforms can be established by Iridium system.

In this case, both platforms must be equipped with an Iridium module to communicate. The main problem of this system is this outdated architecture and the expensive price of each message sent through it.

Thanks to the new architecture created by our developers, we have achieved full UAV’s coverage and visibility full time with lower cost.


As it was pointed out before, communications can be done through radio, 4G or Iridium depending on the distance to which platforms are located or the coverage of air platform at the moment.

The difference is, as can be seen in the previous image, is that Veronte will be able to establish a dialogue with the ground station with a single Iridium module. The aerial platform will communicate through its Iridium with our cloud and as if it were a 4G, it will divert traffic to the ground station.

This means we can see Veronte across the ocean or going through an area that does haven’t 4G coverage and still being able to send any kind of instructions, such as changing to another phase of flight or sending a command such as a “Go to” or “Stay in” that area doing a loiter.