Embention stands at the forefront of autopilots for drone and UAV, breaking with one of the major limitations of these systems. Veronte Autopilot is fully compatible with Satcom modules, using satellite communications for performing BLOS UAV operations (Beyond Line-Of-Sight), applicable to all missions: logistics, cartography, topography, etc…, maximizing the range of the system and removing the limitations of conventional radio systems.

Embention installs Plug & Play modules, fully compatible with Veronte Autopilot. These modules can be installed in both, the control station and the UAV for performing fully portable BLOS UAV operations, with global coverage. To maximize the operability of the system, Satcom system is compatible with the installation of traditional radiolinks, being able to configure satellite communications to be initialized automatically in a radiolink loss.

BLOS UAV Operations with Iridium Constellation

BLOS communications are highly customizable. It can be configured, the frequency of the telemetry, as well as the information contained in each message. It is also possible to send telecommands, and configure satellite telemetry messages to be sent on an activation event such as low battery, etc… optimizing the resources available.

Furthermore, it can be configured as a redundant fail-safe communications system, with automatic activation upon a situation of risk detection.

Satcom Modules for BLOS UAV Operations

Veronte is compatible with Iridium constellation modules for the integration of the BLOS flight systems. Formed by a constellation of 66 satellites, it offers high-quality data connection over the entire surface of the planet, even across oceans, deserts, polar regions, etc… Iridium provides worldwide coverage for BLOS UAV operations, facilitating the execution of Satcom commands like “go home”, flight phase change, etc…

Veronte also can be configured for the integration of other Satcom modules, fulfilling the most demanding operation requirements. Please contact our team to explore the possibilities of this technology in further detail.