The ELECTRA project kicks-off: Innovation for Aeronautical Sustainability
The ELECTRA project kicks-off: Innovation for Aeronautical Sustainability
March 20, 2024
March 20, 2024
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Within the framework of the 2023 Aeronautical Technology Programme, funded by the CDTI, the companies Embention, Fiber Laminates, Zelestium and Abervian, leaders in different aspects of aeronautical electrification, have joined forces to work on the ELECTRA project, a cutting-edge initiative that immerses itself in aeronautical electrification research.

Environmental and Technological Impact: ELECTRA’s Advances and Benefits in the Aerospace Industry

ELECTRA’s main objective is the development and adaptation of an electric power and propulsion system for ultralight, vertical take-off aircraft (eVTOL) and other electric manned aircraft. This project relies on advanced battery technologies and energy management systems to provide innovative and sustainable solutions for the aviation industry.

Aircraft electrification represents a revolution in the industry, opening the door to a more sustainable and energy-efficient future. By using electric engines instead of internal combustion engines, electric aircraft generate zero direct emissions, contributing significantly to the fight against climate change and improving air quality in urban environments.

In addition, ELECTRA aims to reduce aircraft noise, improving the quality of life of communities near airports and reducing noise pollution. The energy efficiency of electric motors translates into lower energy consumption and longer flight range, while the reduced mechanical complexity reduces maintenance costs and increases operational reliability.

ELECTRA project partners

In this collaborative project, Fiber Laminates, which specialises in the manufacture of ultralight aircraft, will play a key role in adapting an existing aircraft to integrate the electric propulsion and vertical take-off system. This involves structural and systems modifications to maximise the efficiency and safety of the electric aircraft.

Embention will design and manufacture the high-performance engine block, controller and propeller, as well as implement a fly-by-wire control system with distributed redundancy to ensure system reliability.

Zelestium will focus on the development of cutting-edge battery technologies, designing and manufacturing high capacity, efficient and durable batteries adapted to aeronautical application.

Abervian, specialising in battery management systems (BMS), will develop an advanced BMS that will monitor and control the state of charge, temperature and other key battery parameters, ensuring efficient use of stored energy and maximising battery life.

ELECTRA represents a bold step towards a cleaner, quieter and more efficient aviation future, demonstrating the commitment of these four leading companies to driving innovation and sustainability in the aviation industry. This project promises not only to transform the way we fly, but also to contribute significantly to the preservation of the environment for future generations.

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