Problems related to citizen security during concentrations are common. Therefore, it has become essential to provide solutions in order to increase crowd control. Depending on the controversy of the topic to be discussed, a peaceful protest can quickly become a situation of total insecurity.

Problems in crowds are numerous. From fights, attacks on police forces and other citizens or the impediment of movement and free mobility, blocking streets of frequent passage.

How to increase security in crowds?

Being able to know with great accuracy the flow of people concentrated in a protest can be of great help for many cases. For example, to organize the actions to be carried out by security forces that will control that concentration. But above all, a very important aspect of maintaining control in crowds is being able to identify, locate and follow a certain person or group of people who are causing an altercation. In addition, the fear of being located with great ease will allow these people to rethink the actions they are going to perform.

New technology to increase protection is becoming increasingly essential. One of the essential new tools to ensure control in protests is the use of drones. In Embention, we have developed theĀ Tethered Drone TS150 for this type of crowd control. It installs day and thermal cameras with unlimited flight time and can install advanced devices such as mobile phone detectors for crowd counting.

Tethered Drone TS150 for crowd control

Tethered Drone TS150 can be used in many applications. Nevertheless, it offers greater possibilities when it comes to performing security, video surveillance and defense functions.

In masses and protest control, Tethered Drone TS150 is indicated for the study of flow people, identification, location, and monitoring of subversive elements. In summary, the main aspects to maintain security during demonstrations.

TS150 drone supports different payloads including visible and thermal cameras or mobile phone detectors to control, count and direct large protests with total protection. It has a wide field of vision, being possible to operate at altitudes up to 150 meters. Unlike traditional drones, TS150 has no flight time limitation since it is constantly powered from the ground, avoiding the need of constantly replacing batteries. In addition, it has a cable data transmission system that makes it impossible to be inhibited.

Thanks to these characteristics it has become an essential element in crowd control. In addition, this system is regularly used by the Armed Forces around the world. In bodies and forces of State Security and in the prevention and extinction of forest fires. And more and more frequently in the field of Private Security for the surveillance of ports, airports, large areas, and mass events.