Quality Systems in the UAV Industry
Quality Systems in the UAV Industry
March 12, 2021
March 12, 2021
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At Embention we are committed in delivering quality in both products and services for our customers. By having a rigorous Quality System (QS) in all of our departments, we ensure that our finished goods are top of the line, reducing the opportunity of any internal or external incident.

Our Quality System is constantly evolving as it’s being updated according to any lesson learned in our company or by any changes in the UAV sector.


Standard procedures that shape our Quality System

This QS is conformed by a series of General and Standard procedures that are developed by a multifunctional team that involves all of the affected departments, including management. Each team member contributes their own expertise allowing the procedure to be both efficient and effective. Every procedure has its own goals and objectives that need to be accomplished in a certain range of time so that they can be reviewed later on by management and based on these results new actions can be placed.

With the support of our Human Resources department, all procedures are communicated to the respective area allowing our colleagues to be aware of any changes and be immediately placed in motion. All of Embentions procedures are easily available for all of our departments so that they can be able to review them any time they want.

Being that the autonomous vehicle sector is quite sophisticated we must follow a series of quality check steps in order to assure that our products specifications are reached. To do so, we follow our Standard Procedures which includes step by step what, where and how it needs to be inspected. This quality inspection can be both visual and technical, by using our top of the line tools that allow our production colleagues to simulate a real life usage.


Continuos improvements

Our QS also includes a read across system which helps apply any lesson learned from one area to another similar area for continuous improvement.

Finally, our Quality Systems team performs a programmed internal quality audit that is mainly to confirm that the procedures are being followed as stated. Once the audit is finished they will feedback the team members ,including management, with the improvements found (in case of applying).

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