Due to the steady expansion of Embention, the company broadens and renovates its facilities with a new flight field located at less than 10 minutes from Embention’s headquarters in Spain. The great growth of Embention is due to the continuous work done by its staff in the research and development done in its projects and products, highlighting the Veronte Autopilot among them.

Veronte Autopilot is a miniaturized avionics system of latest generation destined to the professional control of drones and all kinds of UAS, UAV, UGV, USV, UAT, etc… This system has high reliability complying with safety and quality standards DO-178C / ED-12, DO-254 and DO-160G.

New flight field at Embention

Embention comes stomping because its growth in the last ten years has not stopped increasing. Specifically, a year ago Embention renovated its headquarters in Alicante Spain, also a few months ago Embention was internationalized with new representatives around the world and with the resulting business increase have expanded their facilities with its new flight field.

During these years Embention has accumulated thousands of hours of flight with its Veronte Autopilot, hours that continuously will increase with the new flight field. Thanks to its proximity to Embention’s headquarters, in a few minutes our projects and new developments can be tested and with this, the company productivity will increase exponentially. In addition, new improvements in the infrastructures of the flight field are projected, with which it will obtain the full potential of these facilities, improvements such as tents for indoor flights to withstand adverse weather conditions, safety facilities for the semi-assisted or manual control of flights, etc…

Ultimately, Embention staff are very excited about their new flight field where they can make fly their imagination literally, with their UAV developments, for that reason they have not been able to resist to do a mapping of the new field of flight as can be seen in the video of this article.