Embention is one of the pioneering companies in the field of unmanned vehicles and from its beginnings has not stopped to grow; now it continues with the international expansion of its products thanks to new agreements with representatives in different parts of the world. This company is closely linked to the world of drones, developing control systems for any kind of vehicle or unmanned platform. Being its core product the Veronte Autopilot, an avionics system for controlling unmanned vehicles and aircrafts.

It has been more than 9 years since the founding of the company. Originally the company started with the Flamingo project. A guided bomb autopiloted for extinguishing forest fires. This carries 200 l of extinguishing or retarding agent, which permits a directed attack to the focus of the flame or to create chemical firewalls. This system permits extinction even at night operations, while facilitates the performance in inaccessible areas and with adverse weather conditions.

The experience gained with Flamingo project was crucial for developing the Veronte Autopilot, getting a high-quality product at a professional level. Thanks to the distinctive character and the performance of this product, international interest around Embention has not stopped growing thanks to its Veronte and NM& lines of product. Thus business strategy has been derived establishing new representatives in different countries.

Embention became internationalized with new representatives - Countries

New representatives

Given the globally growing demand of Veronte products, Embention has expanded its borders from its headquarters in Spain to the whole world. Initially expanding its network of representatives in the middle Europe and the eastern Mediterranean Sea. And later in North America and South America. Without forgetting that Embention has already established first contacts with potential representatives in Asia and the African continent.

This great expansion permits Embention to be close present in the commercial, civil and military market for drones (UAV, UAS, RPAS, UGV, USV, …) worldwide. These new representatives shall provide to Embention customers a close contact point with which to be provided with new products or solve any technical questions.

If you want to contact one of our authorized representatives you can do it on the Embention contact page.