Ten years ago, Embention began a harsh way where it has been able to take the place of one of the most relevant worldwide companies on its sector. This week Embention reaches its tenth anniversary, developing components and critic systems for UAVs (Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles), commonly known as drones. Embention has been always focusing its work on daily innovation, improving functionalities and uses of its products.

Embention’s history until its tenth anniversary

Embention was born due to Flamingo project in 2007, a project that came out from the idea of an engineers group from a business incubator in Alicante (Spain), a group among which the current CEO of Embention, David Benavente, was part of. This idea sought to fight against fires more efficiently and effectively, so it resulted on the development of an autonomous guided bomb for fire extinctions whose control core was the first version of Veronte Autopilot.

After this project, Embention was specialized on its current main product, the Veronte Autopilot: an avionics critic system for UASs and UAVs control. Thanks to the developments made by Embention in the coming years, the company won many prizes, awarding its technological innovation. Projects like HADA (Helicopter Adaptive Aircraft) in cooperation with INTA (Spanish National Institute of Aerospace Technology), a reconfigurable UAV able to fly either as a helicopter and a fixed-wing aircraft, are an example of this success.

Embention also installed its Veronte Autopilot (on its triple redundant version) to control the FT-Altea fixed wing, becoming the first certified avionics system for civil RPAS of more than 80 kg in Europe. During the system certification, Embention was able to qualify its Veronte Autopilot accordingly to standards DO2054 and DO178 / ED-12 with DAL B level, becoming the first commercial autopilot in the world to reach that high level of compliance and reliability.

Veronte Autopilots evolution until Embention

After those awards and developments, the company “Everis, Aeroespacial y Defensa” took interest in Embention during 2009, resulting on the addition of Embention to the Everis group, which greatly raised its commercial activity. Since then, Embention started to develop its own UAVs under its product line “NM&”, which includes drones for mapping, surveillance, logistic, agriculture and much more.

From that date until its tenth anniversary, Embention has participated on a wide range of projects together with hundreds of clients in more than 40 countries all around the world. Embention’s expansion has been that great that nowadays it has representatives in many different countries, such as the USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, United Kingdom, Croatia, Romania, Austria, France, Belgium, Nigeria, Ethiopia, United Arab Emirates, Israel and India, amongst others.

Considering its tenth anniversary, Embention has launched the last version of Veronte Autopilot, even smaller and more intelligent, which embeds the last developed innovations, like the new Veronte Cloud.