Expodronica 2015 is an international event, the first exhibition in Spain dedicated to civilian use drones, which in future will become the European benchmark. The only meeting that brings together in one space and for two full days the most important agents of drone sector, more than 80 exhibitors and 3000 visitors gather in this pioneering appointment of the UAV sector booming. Quoting Richard Vinuesa, technical director of Expodronica 2015, “Innovation in its purest form and its most immediate consequence will be the creation of new technological high value companies and the generation of employment for qualified workers”. This event takes place on 24 and 25 of September in Zaragoza.

Embention Sistemas Inteligentes attends to Expodronica 2015 at the Zaragoza’s fair, a unique placement of over 10.000 square meters. In which Embention has attended to symposiums, flocked to exhibitions and closed ties with various drone manufacturers for professional applications. Enhancing the presence of the Veronte Autopilot for all kinds of professional applications: aerial photography, surveillance, precision topography, vertical inspections,…

Exposition Expodronica 2015

Expodronica 2015 concentrates all business areas with possible potential applications of civil drones as: the transport industry (monitoring and observation of railways, highways, …), the oil industry, the energy industry (power lines, wind towers, …), safety and emergencies, the construction industry (recognition of structures), industry of precision agriculture, photogrammetry and professional video, etc…

Expodronica 2015 Program

The last enterprise novelties joined to technological innovations and new trends in applications and products in the UAV industry, industry that will transform the imminently future, are presented in Expodronica 2015.

  • “The evolution of the regulation of RPAs in Spain”
  • “Use of drones in rescue situations and public emergencies”
  • “New inspection technologies in electricity distribution networks”
  • “UAVs. Socioeconomic impact and future perspectives”
  • “Business Models with RPAS”
  • “Surveying, mapping and remote sensing using RPAS/drones aircrafts”
  • “Drone in vineyard.”
  • “Drones, a new audiovisual narrative”
  • “Juridical evolution and normative analysis: What we can do legally with a UAV?”