Company dedicated to the development of critical systems and products in the field of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).


High performance autopilots for RPAS & UAS control; RTK, vision, certification kits...


Services tailored to customer requirements.
Reliable high performance product development.


Flamingo is an innovative system for fire suppression that allows the fire extinction in situations where it is not possible to use the means at present; the main advantages are nighttime and windy conditions operation.

Unmanned Systems, Autopilots & Components for UAV

Embention develops high reliability equipment and complete systems for unmanned vehicles (UAV, UAS, USV, UGV). Leading edge technology manufacturing for professional performance and safe operation, including flight controllers, gimbals, tracking antennas, ground stations... compatible with most platforms: fixed wing aircrafts, multicopters, helicopters, surface vehicles, blimps and any custom device.

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